July 15: Encourage One Another

Victory Malate Church Service

It’s a blessing to go back to Church. It’s been a while. We prayed for a Church that we can go to hear God’s Word and thankfully we have found it. My siblings and I are attending at Victory Malate.

All the singing, instrumental music, clapping and swaying of our bodies.
All for the glory of God.

Today we read Heb 10:19-25. We are encouraged to spur (provoke) one another into driving our good intentions and deeds inspired by God into meaningful actions. It’s one thing to ask God what He wants us to do in this life and think on what we can do to help someone or a cause but it’s another thing to make do what we desire to do in His name.

Whatever we plan on doing we need all the courage to drive the intention forward.
Most often all we ever need is an uplifting word from someone who says that we can do this.
Who believes in what we can do.
And that’s all there is. Just encouragement to spur us forward.

And as the pastor says, “Christianity is not only about our personal relationship with God but it also involves other people in our faith.”

Hope you have a blessed weekend everyone!

Inspiration Sunday

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  1. I’m glad you found a church where you can worship and serve. When my husband retired from full time ministry we visited several churches before we found one that we really felt was the right one. You’re right. Our relationship to God is first in importance, but relationship to other people is a close second.
    Thank you for letting me know your link needed changing. I just did that.

  2. I’m grateful for all the people in my world who encourage and support me. Great message. Thanks.

  3. Thank you Sarah! I am thankful too. :)

  4. Thanks so much Charlotte. My siblings and I are still finding the Church for us but I think we are settling. Thank you for hosting this. God bless you!

  5. lis!
    great to know. i’m also looking for a church around QC. :) but really good to know.

  6. Thank you Shiela. Thankful:)

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