July 24: My Friend


My very good friend gave me this rose as a birthday gift.
A rose for our friendship.
And it’s been a long long while since we last talk.
And when we meet it feels like we have been seeing each other everyday.
We hug, we laugh and we always start with, “where are we going to eat?”
And I always end up choosing the place. Because she always said that I decide.

What I love about when we talk while we eat is that she listens and I listen.
There is never a moment when she will be texting or daydreaming off the space while talking to me.
I dislike people doing that.
We will laugh so hard and we wouldn’t care.
We take turns talking.
Listening is the best part of this communication.
And I eat too slow now that I am talking a lot.
But time runs fast when you are having a good time. Or not. It doesn’t matter though.

We talk about finding balance as a necessity of life.
No matter how toxic everything is we need to be able to balance ourselves.
We need friends and loved ones to encourage us. To make our lives easier with all the support and laughter.
We both agree that we need God most of all.

We talk about what we love to do.
That everything starts slow.
But nothing is difficult if you love what you do.
Everything is a playful ground for experiments and learning.

People change.
Circumstances change.
But the people that God puts into our lives,
It has a story of its own.
It can change lives.
Always for the better.

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  1. So happy for the both of you! :)

  2. Thank you Hans! :)

  3. God bless our friendship lis. more fruitful, successful and blessed years to come for both of us. lovelovelove. thanks so much for everything. I am blessed to have u. :) <3

  4. Thankful to have you! lovelove:)

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