Small Kindness

I will never forget the small kindness that a stranger from Macau has done for me.

My family and I were on vacation and we visited the Museum of Macau. After that we were at a garden and Mom told me to take a photo of the Grand Lisboa at the other side.

Whilst there I saw a man also taking pictures of the beautiful landmark. I captured mine in a very simple shot.

grand lisboa

Then I proceeded to take photos around me. Suddenly the man appeared. He must have noticed that I was taking a picture of Grand Lisboa. He started talking to me in Cantonese while showing me a place where I can see a better view of that building and take a better photo of it.

I don’t understand Cantonese but I listen to his body language. Apparently there is a big hole in a wall where you can see through outside. He said I can photograph a better view of the building by taking advantage of  the hole. He showed me his photos in his DSLR. They were awesome!

So I took three shots and I chose the “best” one here. Can you see the difference? Better view no?

I smiled and thanked him a lot. He continued to talk and I just nodded at him all the time. Lol!
I can never forget this man who have shown his creativity and kindness by sharing it to me. Who would have thought that a stranger wants you to take awesome photos too?

Ahh.. thank you Lord for him. Thank you for kindness. It certainly makes the world go round.

Joining and celebrating Small Kindness with Fiona Robyn and hundreds around the world today. If you want to join go here.

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  1. This is wonderful. Kindness transcends language!

  2. Thanks, Elisa! :) What kindness and creativity he has shown you! Thanks for sharing this. :)

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