To be Published Work

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I found out about 100 Illusrations through Diana Evans, a proud founder of this awesome project and an active member of Paint Party Friday.100 Illustrations helps to market and get our artworks out in the world by publishing it into a book. In order to achieve this, it requires the participation of 100 illustrators by submitting their works. The current theme for this project is: My Favorite Food. I am thrilled that my work is included in the 100 Illustrations. Aside from … Read More

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

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I created a rough drawing of a girl waiting outside the train station. I was waiting for someone while making this sketch. The colors are done digitally using PhotoShop. If you observe the drawing you can see either two things: (1) There are imperfections all around this sketch, or (2) The colors and the “imperfections” depict creativity and echo a certain personality of the artist. If you think about it I have the choice of improving my drawing such as … Read More

The Tone in Colors

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I fancy architecture. I draw this piece from the cover of my watercolor pencil case. I am studying tone in colors and thought I could apply the concept in this drawing. I color this with Derwent watercolor pencils. You can see how the light and shade (tone) are created on where the sun and shadow hits the different parts of the structure. To make a tone darker, I learn to add black + the original color varying the intensity with the … Read More

Make Time for You and Art

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The above is a quick sketch of a dog inside a bag at a tea shop. I did not include the man who owns both because he is soon to leave. Since I have done it on a normal paper I cannot color it with watercolor so I photographed it instead and rendered the colors digitally. Then I added some snowflakes because that idea has been in my head for a while. I love how the dog fits inside the … Read More