Musings: Sketching On-Location

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Sketching on-location is a challenge. Sometimes the actual subject changes because of the various outside elements. Below is an example. A man suddenly sat on the left side of the bench whilst I was almost done with the sketch. I wasn’t aware that I should have check the right side to complete the lower left part of this bench. Can you spot the awkward disconnection? Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy the process of sketching outdoors despite the distraction of … Read More

How to Draw Everyday?

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It starts with a Sketchbook. Or a paper. Use a Ballpen. Or a pencil. Last year I journal with words. I write my day’s event on paper. Filling it with complete details as much as possible. This 2012 I still journal but this time I DRAW my day’s event and write. I draw inspiration from a coffee break with a friend who by the way is chasing after his dreams. Hooray! I draw what I observe. My sister here is a … Read More