Handmade Gift Exchange

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I joined the Handmade Gift Exchange for June 2012 hosted by the lovely Linda Gardner. I was assigned a Craftee (person who will receive my handmade gift) who is from Germany named Friesenliese. I learned from her website that she’s a crafty person. She loves to sew, knit, read and many more. I was a bit pressured since I don’t know how to sew or knit or even worse make things. How I wish I can make jewelries or knit some hats! … Read More

Painting Day 31: Lessons Learned in Painting

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When I joined the one month painting everyday challenge last May inspired by Dana I know that I can do this. Although I have skipped a few days and that today is June already I decided to go beyond May so that I have actually painted for a month. I will continue. What painting everyday has taught me: 1. I love to use bright warm and cool colors. 2. I almost always tend to put on random splashes of color … Read More

Painting Day 30: Painting to Uplift

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The past few days of June I have been feeling emotional. The heaviness of heart. The pressure of making decisions. I feel that time is running away and yet I haven’t accomplished a thing. Nothing special. Nothing useful for my dreams. While others continue to make more money with their artistic endeavors I feel that I am left behind. I can’t think with clarity. The road to my journey seems foggy. Nothing seems right. With nothing much that I can … Read More

Painting Day 28: What is Love

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I painted a mini booklet filled with the beautiful meaning of love from the Bible as a simple gift for a friend who has just gotten married. I enjoyed painting on it. I have given the booklet to her. I hope she likes it. Enjoy! “Love is Kind” “Love rejoices in truth”; “Love bears all things” “Love believes all things”; “Love hopes all things” “Love endures all things”; “Love never fails” God is Love Have a beautiful weekend filled with … Read More