Create from the Heart

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As Artists we have limitations too. Surely creating art is fun. Painting is awesome. Attending art class is fulfilling. But we also need to take a break from the creative things that we do. In my case it’s a break from doing assignments and projects in my Visual Design class. I know myself deeply. And I know when to stop. I know when it’s too much to bear. Brainstorming has been a draining process lately. My idea generating machine is … Read More

Walking in the Deep

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Before I was able to conceptualize this piece I have felt an immense sense of frustration. For not coming up with concepts quickly. For stressing myself out on what tools to use to get the intended effect. For being stuck  with the branches. It was 6:10pm. The deadline is the next day. I wanted to cry. But I take a rest instead. And it is while resting that I said to myself that God will not leave me. Then I … Read More

Lighthouse Calm Painting

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The prize of my giveaway is to ask what the 2 winners would like me to draw or paint for them. Today I am sharing with you my painting for Faye who is also a participant in PPF. She told me that she would love a painting of a seascape. Lighthouse Calm. Watercolor and Acrylics in Berkeley 180 gms watercolor paper It is a pleasure painting this beautiful seascape. As I paint I learn. I enjoy the process. I’ll be better too … Read More

Paris Je T’aime Angel

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I have finally received the Craft Exchange gift from my Crafter Dominika Bozic! Paris je t’aime Angel She accompanied the painting with a lovely warm letter. This beautiful angel with my favorite Eiffel tower is painted on canvas so that I can frame it anytime. I don’t know how long I have stared at this painting but it was quite long! I love the details and the bright colors used. This painting evokes my childhood moments and definitely brings a huge … Read More

Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap

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I joined the 5th Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap hosted by Beth Nichols of Do What You Love. The theme is Discover. What a powerful word. All my life I have been discovering and re-discovering about who I am. To be myself. To be strong. To live with a purpose. To live for Him. I am a child of God. That alone is enough to give breath and depth into my being. As I create this painting I am also discovering … Read More

Matte Painting

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One of the past lessons that I greatly enjoyed in my Advance Photoshop class is Matte Painting. According to Wikipedia, matte painting is a painted representation of a landscape, set, or distant location that allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that would otherwise be too expensive or impossible to build or visit. Below is the original photo of a very beautiful day in the mountain with an empty house. Our goal is to turn it into a night … Read More