Least Favorite Paint Colors

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My least favorite colors would be the dull colors. In my palette I rarely use Prussian Blue, Burnt Umber, Black and Earth Green. Though Prussian Blue isn’t dull I am not sure why I seldom use it. I adore Phthalo and Cobalt Blue better. I also splatter a bit of Yellow Ochre for a bit of drama. I love the result. I love how we can just use any colors and paint something wonderful. No matter how these colors are … Read More

Taking Leap of Faith

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Taking a leap of faith is like taking that first (scary!) step towards the beautiful dark tunnel of the unknown and then emerging with a sense of hope, strength and freedom. Pure joy. I always listen to my heart where God speaks in me before I take any chances. Is what I want to do align with what God wants me to do? Is what I am about to do bring Him glory? I listen in stillness and in solitude. … Read More

Medley of Red Orange

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We don’t have fall in our country. But I am celebrating Fall with all of you who are experiencing it right at this moment. I love the glorious colors and the shedding away of the old. Nature is beautiful. Inspired by fall again… I painted Medley of Red Orange for a friend who is hosting her baby shower this Saturday. I cannot describe the freedom I have felt while working on this painting. Imagine dripping, splattering and engulfing of colors … Read More

Warm Leaves

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Warm Leaves for Lynn Cohen (prize of my past giveaway). Finally!!!! And I guess what took me so long to pick up the brush and paint this piece is because of fear…or perhaps thinking of the best thing to paint. Or busyness. And I learn better. So I just pick up my brush and paint paint paint. And I’m thankful. I hope this painting surprises her. This is inspired by Fall. Warm Leaves. Watercolor and Acrylics in Berkeley watercolor paper … Read More