Sketch People

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“Sketch People” ink on sketchbook I love sketching people. I particularly find comfort to sketch them in private like when they are busy or when their backs are turn on me. There will be times when I find myself sketching them up front. I caught their eyes staring at me. For a moment I feel a wash of shame because they might thought that I am being disrespectful. But those were just my thoughts. Because who knows what they were … Read More

Sunset Paradise

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“Sunset Paradise” in watercolor, 140lb Saunders Waterford A friend of mine asked me to do a painting for her birthday. I feel honored to be part of her special occasion. I feel God’s affirmation on my dream through the people who supports my art. I started brainstorming on what to paint for Cleng. I always want to make a personal painting. I started browsing her photos at FB. There were a lot of seascapes. I know she loves the beach. … Read More

Painting Daily Day 25

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Today I am gently reminded by God through letters from our sponsored child, Chen-Chen. She said that we must always be happy even if we have problems. Be happy not sad. Her birthday is coming up. This painting is my gift to her. She has just graduated from elementary and will be starting high school soon. We are so happy and excited for her new journey. Thankful to God that we can be a blessing to this child through our … Read More

Painting Daily Day 24

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“Brushes and Watercolor Paints” in watercolor In my life as an Artist I have learned that there are two kinds of struggle. Happy struggle and sad struggle. Both struggles experience difficulty, suffering, hurt– all the bad stuffs. But the happy struggle chooses to turn all the bad stuffs into good stuffs. It turns it into a learning. A blessing. A point to start over. Refreshed. A chance to make it up on lost time. Meanwhile the sad struggle chooses to … Read More