46: Orchids Memory

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“Orchids Memory” Mixed Media on paper I love to paint what is around me especially the things that strike me as profound and unearthly. My dad bought orchids a few weeks ago but it died. All I was able to save was a simple sketch of the flower which prompt this painting. Orchids Memory is done in mixed media which uses acrylics for the orchids and watercolor for the background. I painted the orchids using a palette knife with acrylic paint. … Read More

45: Sweet Escape

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“Sweet Escape” 7″W x 5″H acrylics on 300 gsm archival watercolor paper $18 Unframed In the city where I lived there is the constant bustle of a typical city life. The daily pollution for the senses. I dreamed of a home where I can visit and stay sometimes. A home that is far and peaceful. Filled with nature without a doubt. Somewhere where I can rest and pray and paint quietly. As I begin to search for inspiration I know I had … Read More

44: Irises

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“Irises” watercolor on paper After painting in acrylics for quite a few days, I forgot how watercolor should be treated. Today this versatile medium reminded me that freedom is its name. I let go knowing that I will be guided by my intuition– the child in me at play. Boy, was it fun! *** I need some advice from you– Have you tried selling paintings (acrylics or watercolor) in watercolor paper? If so do you spray fixative or sealants on … Read More

42: In the Moment

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“In the Moment” pen and watercolor on sketchbook Getting back to the groove of life means to start somewhere. Anywhere. Anything. This week had been full of just that. I pour myself on art. I pour myself on being a beginner again. I learn and I had fun. It doesn’t have to be a chore. It doesn’t have to be perfect. When I say pour I use time wisely. No distractions of any kind. Just me and my art. I … Read More