53: Magic View

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“Magic View” approximately 6″W x 9″H inches; mixed media on 140 lb archival watercolor paper $27 Unframed This painting was inspired by a photograph of Hannah Loaring of Further Bound (she’s a traveler, {awesome} writer and graphic designer) during her travel to Goa. The large tree caught me by surprise and I find myself itching to paint those branches circling gracefully towards the heaven. Majestic. I asked her for a title suggestion and she said that the tiny path that leads to this spot starts … Read More

52: Outburst

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“Outburst” watercolor on 4×6 watercolor paper I was invited to join the Face in the World hosted by Ayala. According to her this is about painting of a face by different people. So we all make one starting painting (as in: sketch, or texture, or just  a squiggle… anything to just “start” the piece, then we mail it to the person in our team. We are divided into groups of 3 members. I’ve drawn portraits before but not the whimsy kind and that … Read More