11: Rare Bloom

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Painting almost daily and today at number 11. I post on blog if I have something (quite long) to say else I post on Facebook page. Today’s painting is called Rare Bloom because it’s true to its name. I was watering our garden on one of the sunny mornings and I noticed a glimpse of pink softness amidst the browns and greens. I don’t know the name of this medium built shiny leaves shrub but the flowers are beautiful. I’ve … Read More

6: Ruby Red

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The center of the flower is the interest and the excitement. It is where the petals are formed and spread into the vastness. The added thrill is looking at the subject for the first time and then thinking how to paint without even sketching. There is a craving for looseness and freedom in the dancing of the brush. The paint is light at first before adding more and then leaving some. The light, the dark and the complementary. Approaching a … Read More

5: Peruvian Lily

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Painting without an initial sketch forces me to truly see a subject in its simplest form. It trains my eye to mentally gauge the position of the patterns. It is challenging but I think this act of painting is the most wonderful. What went well– Painting with water plus a little paint (like a wash) creates a subtle look on the petals without the obvious hard edges. The added red splashes on the upper petal was achieved by re-wetting the … Read More

4: Violet Dance

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February is all about painting flowers. I think I will never get tired of painting them.  This series is still from the bouquet given to me by J. Some notes… The intricate details of a flower can be intimidating to paint. I’m almost tempted to sketch it first but thankfully I didn’t. I sort of force my brain to really “see” the flower in its simple shapes. I begin from the center and paint the negative space to leave the … Read More

3: Rosy Love

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I am inspired to paint roses in a fresh and liberating style. UK artist Jean Haines shared a tutorial on how to paint roses in a loose way. She is one of the unique watercolor artist whom I admire. She paints without a preliminary sketch. Her paintings are always filled with life. Her book, the Atmospheric Watercolours encourages the artist to pick up the brush and just paint! I am addicted on painting these roses! Hope you all have a … Read More

2: Pinkish

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This is a continuation of a series of painting flowers. When my boyfriend (now fiance) and I were just dating, he used to give me bouquet of assorted flowers and sometimes for no reason at all. I like flowers even if they are only a fleeting creation. I tried to paint this based from what I’ve learned from this artist. I’m learning to paint some of the veins of this flower and most of all to be patient.

The 500 Paintings Challenge

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I started painting daily on May 2012 for almost 30 days  together with other artists. After that we painted again for about 30 days on Feb 2013. I’ve learned a lot since then but it wasn’t enough. This year will be different. I am challenging myself to paint 500 paintings. The goal and the why– Use my own photos and find local subjects: I’ve often use photos of others (with permission) as subjects for my paintings. I might be eager to paint them … Read More

On Learning New Things

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One of my goals for painting is to do some studies on how to paint certain subjects. One of those is to learn how to paint flowers in a realistic way. I choose an online tutorial of this artist because I like the way he teaches. The interesting part is the result of his painting. It is so real that I want to pluck the flower out of the paper! However, it took me almost three days to follow along, and not to … Read More

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