Unwashed Dishes

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Loving and serving others need grace. I glanced at the small pile of dirty dishes on the sink and the occasional spill of softdrink on the floor… it made me cringe that I have to clean the mess of someone else. Someone who is old and stubborn. Someone whose hands shake, thus the spill. Someone who isn’t related to me and who doesn’t even know my name. Why do I have to do these again? I remembered Jesus who lived the … Read More

Fruit Stall in Bukit Merah

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I still feel uncomfortable sketching in public especially in crowded places. People passing by looking over their shoulders to see what I’m doing. I think the owner of the fruit stall (where I was sketching) was wary of me doing some kind of a detective work. He approached me and asked what I’m doing, to which I smiled and showed him the sketch. He beamed back and went on about his business… I will keep going. World Watercolor Month  

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