March 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery and Stories

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One friend said that Rekindle Memories is making her record happy times on paper… Making memories come alive by sketching and painting them not only make us rekindle the happy old times but it also forge new memories as we notice one thing today that captures our interest. What a way to savor and be grateful for each moment, don’t you think? Making art depends upon noticing things– things about yourself, your methods, your subject matter. Sooner or later, for instance, every visual artist notices … Read More

100 People in One Week and Life Lessons for Artists

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When I read about the One Week 100 People challenge, I felt the excitement of a real challenge and of drawing people (one of my favorite subjects to sketch). I decided to join, brushing aside the uncertainty whether I will be able to accomplish this huge feat or not. The Process Behind the Challenge Sunday (Monday): That weekend came and there was a Chinese New Year parade. I knew there’s plenty of opportunities to sketch some people. I was a bit … Read More

Edge of a Dark Woodland

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Collaborating with an author who writes imaginative stories challenges my creativity. I know I have said this numerous times before but I’m thankful to Freya for this opportunity to create artworks that I have not dared myself to create. I think that’s one great thing about working with someone from a different creative field. Freya Pickard wanted me to create an eerie, sinister feeling of a painting, because that’s how the characters were right from the beginning of the story. They were at the … Read More