Sketch People

Sketch People

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elisa choi_sketch people

“Sketch People” ink on sketchbook

I love sketching people.
I particularly find comfort to sketch them in private like when they are busy or when their backs are turn on me.
There will be times when I find myself sketching them up front.
I caught their eyes staring at me.
For a moment I feel a wash of shame because they might thought that I am being disrespectful.
But those were just my thoughts.
Because who knows what they were thinking. Maybe they like the idea too.
I pretend to draw something else and wait till they’re not looking again.

Sketching people should be done in a quick manner.
It doesn’t have to be a detailed sketch.
It just needs to capture the essence of a person— actions, expressions, postures, clothes, patterns or things.

Have you tried sketching people? How was your experience? Please do share in the comments below. :)

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One Response

  1. Dana Barbieri

    Hi Elisa. You are so good at doing this. I have yet to try it. I am afraid I suppose. Don’t want someone to see and then look and be disappointed. I really want to though. Perhaps I will get brave. :) Your paintings are lovely. The acrylic ones are interesting. I don’t know if that is the first of acrylic of I have seen from you. Awesome and always inspiring posts. xo