30: Hello Panda

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Who doesn’t like pandas? I think they are the fluffiest and cutest creature on earth! I can still remember when we visited the Giant Panda Pavillion at Macau last March. We just literally stared at the glass pane and watched the panda munched on several bamboo sticks for a long time. We didn’t get bored at all.

I use the Paint My Photo for a non copyright photo of a panda for my painting reference. I’m sharing simple steps below on how to paint panda in an easy and loose way.


Cobalt Blue (CB)
Burnt Sienna (BS)
Sap Green
Yellow Ochre
Watercolor paper
Round brush size 6 and zero

1. After a rough sketch has been done, the cobalt blue and burnt sienna are dabbed on the palette and slightly mixed. These are the colors that were most used.

watercolor paint

2. I gently painted the ears. I rarely use black and prefer to mix colors.

panda wip 1

3. I softened the edge of the ears with clean water and allow a bit of the color to run…

panda wip 2

4. …then applied BS on the top of its head. This gives it a blended appearance.

panda wip 3

5. Similar to step 4, I applied BS on the lower left corner and soften it with water. I did the same with the shadow side of the panda’s face and the body using diluted mix of CB and BS. Meanwhile I painted a fresh coat of the former two colors for the eyes.

panda wip 4

6. I painted the paw using the same mix of CB and BS.

panda wip 5

7. Using a diluted wash of CB and BS I loosely painted tiny strokes for the fine fur.

panda wip 6

8. Finishing a painting always gives me excitement. Touches of dark colors were layered, added more furs and painted the mouth and the nose. Added touches of green and yellow ochre for the bamboo shoots.

I hope you learn something and give it a try. :)

Final Painting: Hello Panda

Hello Panda

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