34: Red Spice

34: Red Spice

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33 Red Spice

The past few days I was excited to help mom prep the chili. I was confident because I watched it done by chefs. I carefully drew the knife across the skin so that it opened in half. Feeling like a pro, I removed the seeds…using my bare fingers. What happened next was beyond my expectation. It was like my fingers have been dipped several times in boiling water. It leave me with a painful burning sensation that lasted for several hours. Half of the day almost wasted..

…but not entirely. I went out for a walk and pondered on what God is telling me. My burning fingers tell me of the dreadfulness of hell and how a soul not believing in Jesus would suffer in the pit for eternity. This prompted me to pray for the lost who don’t have the foundation yet with Jesus and how we as Christians have been commissioned by Christ to share the gospel.

This experience also taught me that God’s love is one of tough love. I knew that the seeds in the red chili was bad news and yet I went ahead with my way of doing perhaps out of laziness or that I was unsure of myself. Hopefully we don’t wait until God will expose our deeds because that would be really painful. Let us ask for his grace that we may respond in faith and allow him to renew our spirit.

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