44: Irises

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Watercolor painting_Elisa Choi_Irises“Irises” watercolor on paper

After painting in acrylics for quite a few days,
I forgot how watercolor should be treated.
Today this versatile medium reminded me that freedom is its name.
I let go knowing that I will be guided by my intuition– the child in me at play.
Boy, was it fun!

I need some advice from you–
Have you tried selling paintings (acrylics or watercolor) in watercolor paper?
If so do you spray fixative or sealants on your final work?
Do you put the painting on mount, frame or no frame before shipping?
What is your pricing strategy especially if you are just a beginner in selling?
Any tips on painting for selling?

I appreciate any information you share. Thank you so much!

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22 Responses

  1. gloria

    Very nice watercolor. Your irises stand out in soft colors. Great job. Happy PPF!

  2. Tracey Fletcher King

    I work mainly on paper and any that I sell have always been framed or in a mount and sealed in an acid free clear envelope. I have never sealed them at all as I am always concerned that it would change them… good luck with it all…xx

  3. peggy gatto

    what a charming piece, light and delicate and fresh!!

  4. Rosie

    So wonderful painting for this Iris

  5. sandra sherman

    Wonderful colours! I love the loose style of this painting. I have only sold watercolour paintings which have been framed under glass so cant really advise you on fixatives. There are lots of videos about pricing on you tube. One person suggested $1 per square inch of painting as a guide and that oil is generally more expensive than acrylic and acrylic is more than watercolour. Hope that helps some? Good Luck with your sales:) Have a great weekend and a HPPF

  6. Jessica Sporn

    so beautifully soft. lovely. Happy PPF!

  7. Faye

    Lis, this is a fabulous painting. Such gorgeous irises.

  8. christine

    Lovely watercolour flowers!

  9. Annette G

    Loving your charming and pretty picture of the irises. Happy PPF, Annette x


  10. Corrine

    So charming watercolor! I can picture this sitting on my porch railing. Happy PPF

  11. Kim

    Lovely watercolor. HPPF!

  12. giggles

    Stunning piece…and you know I love the colors!! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. Lynn Cohen

    Lovely, lovely flowers and vase!

    I am a novice at selling so probably shouldn’t even chime in here. I know nothing about fixitives. If my art is in a show it’s in a frame behind glass. So it’s sold that way (if it’s sold)! ;-)
    Unless it’s an art quilt, then its sold “naked”. No frame. Unless it’s an art quilt in a shadow box for some reason. If I were to sell it and ship it I’d include the price of the frame/mat/etc. and shipping and handling. (tax where required too) don’t forget tax. I look around to see what others are pricing their art in my area. At our art gallery my prices are $100-$500 and more depending on type of art and size; as the art gallery takes a percentage of the sale price. If I don’t have to share the sale price then I might sell for less depending again on the venue and on the size of the painting/art quilt. Larger art piece, larger price.
    But don’t sell yourself short! I think it boils down to what you think you are worth vs what the market will bear and adding in all those other factors.

  14. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much Lynn for taking the time to share your experience. Much appreciated!

  15. Anne

    Lovely, delicate and charming watercolor! <3

  16. Elisa Choi

    Thanks so much Sandra. I appreciate your advice! :)

  17. Nicole/Beadwright

    This is lovely. I do like the way you treated the paint and the colors. Like a dream.

  18. Gina Sismilich

    So lovely – I am a real novice with watercolor – but I am learning to loosen up with them. They don’t like to be controlled! HPPF

  19. ilona

    Your Irises are wonderful! Love the colors! I might take an extra look at the pricing ideas posted here, if you don’t mind. I’d like to learn about that part too!

    Happy PPF

  20. Ginny

    Your watercolor is lovely. It is so nice that your inner child came out to play. Good luck with selling your paintings. I have no advice since I have never attempted to sell anything other than enjoy the process of learning how you want to proceed.

  21. JKW

    I love the mirror image. I check ebay, etsy, etc. to see what paintings are selling and what they are asking ($) then I gauge what I’ve done and go from there as far as pricing. I’ve been doing quite a bit of experimenting with watercolor lately. . .it’s a tough one, but so much fun. . and quite a challenge. Blessings, Janet PPF

  22. Robin Panzer Art

    Love the beautiful flow and colors you chose for this piece :) Happy PPF