46: Orchids Memory

46: Orchids Memory

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mixed media_elisa choi_orchids memory

Orchids Memory” Mixed Media on paper

I love to paint what is around me especially the things that strike me as profound and unearthly. My dad bought orchids a few weeks ago but it died. All I was able to save was a simple sketch of the flower which prompt this painting.

Orchids Memory is done in mixed media which uses acrylics for the orchids and watercolor for the background. I painted the orchids using a palette knife with acrylic paint. Then I use a brush to fine tune the details such as the shadows and the lines on the leaves. The fluidity of watercolor makes great background.

God bless us all!

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16 Responses

  1. Faye

    Lis, the beautiful colors in your painting make me wish I could have seen the real orchids.

  2. christine

    beautiful painting!

  3. Debbie

    Beautiful work! The composition of this one is really good.

  4. sandra sherman

    Beautiful painting and the title is so appropriate, such a shame the Orchid didn’t live very long:(

  5. Tracey Fletcher King

    lovely use of colour to make the form of the orchid… glad you captured it…xx

  6. Annette G

    Loving the combination of the mediums. Happy PPF, Annette x


  7. Giggles

    Very pretty work….lucky you got this. Too bad the orchid died! They are temperamental!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Corrine

    Beautiful painting and beautiful memory. Happy PPF

  9. Mary C. Nasser

    Beautiful marks and brush-strokes!

    Happy PPF!!

  10. Kim

    Beautiful! HPPF!

  11. Ayala Art

    Very nice! What is the size?

  12. Maria


  13. Gina Sismilich

    Love the painting – I get orchids all the time instead of cut flowers – they are so pretty and they last quite a long time. HPPF

  14. Anne

    Lovely composition and texture, wonderful color! <3

  15. Tammie Dickerson

    Beautiful piece – wonderful color :)

  16. Elisa Choi

    Thank you Ayala! It’s 3.10″W x 3.10″H :)