47: Tulips Overflow

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watercolor painting_Elisa Choi_Tulips Overflow

“Tulips Overflow” Watercolor on paper

It is the 3rd week of the free online class of Introduction to Art Concepts and Techniques at Coursera. It is my dream to study in art school but I am still grateful for this opportunity to learn the basics of art online and interact with fellow artists. The topic for that week is correspondence with memory– mail art!

This mail art is entitled Tulips Overflow. The medium behind the work on the handmade envelope and postcard is watercolor. I love to use watercolor to portray the things that inspires me into a loose and colorful adventure.

Memory for me is the awesome collection of life experiences. It might be a certain happy childhood event. It might be a sad encounter when I pass by a beggar. It might be the anger feeling of a betrayal from someone. I created Tulips Overflow because their vivid colors and simplicity captured me. I have seen a field of tulips on T.V. and bouquet of tulips being sold in the market. That memory makes me happy. I love nature and whenever I think of flowers and trees their essence somehow refreshes me. It reminds me of the wonderful creation of God. Painting them makes me grateful of all these blessings.


Back of envelope painted

I had such joy creating Tulips Overflow. I had the intention of inspiring you to be thankful regardless of where we are in life. Let us see things in a different light. Look around you– the nature. Be grateful because we are alive. :)

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20 Responses

  1. Ayala Art

    This is so sweet, I love it!

  2. christine

    Lovely loose watercolour and envelope!

  3. Heather Foust

    Love these tulips! Happy PPF!

  4. Marji

    Tulips are one of my favorites – Your sweet envelope and card will bring such joy in the mail. Beautiful

  5. Lynn Cohen

    These are all beautiful parts of this set. I wish it was mail coming to me! ;-)))

  6. froebelsternchen

    what a fab set!
    Happy PPF!

  7. Katie

    Tulips are one of my favorites. Love your paintings!

  8. Deepa Gopal Sunil

    Lovely tulips! Love the envelope too :)

  9. Linda

    A lovely card and envelope! The loose watercolours are very pretty and I am sure will be much appreciated by the recipient!

  10. sandra sherman

    Beautiful work. I love your dream scapes and I think that painting them on envelopes is such a great idea. Imagine receiving something that lovely through the post:)

  11. giggles

    What a lovely surprise seeing that second round of tulips…so pretty all of them. Gorgeous pages!! That class is working well for you!! Thanks for sharing…love the little tulips on the envelope too!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. Faye

    Such a loose and free painting, Lis. The tulips are beautiful, in the painting and on the envelope.

  13. Kim

    Lovely mailart! I’m also taking the class and am really enjoying it. HPPF!

  14. Anne

    Beautiful and sweet! <3

  15. Mary C. Nasser

    Wow! Love how these tulips are indeed overflowing and flowing into each other!
    Beautifully painted!

    Happy PPF!!

  16. Corrine

    These are quite pretty…..love those free flowing tulips. Happy PPF. xox

  17. Gina Sismilich

    What a precious piece of art – I so love the little tulips on the envelope. They are very lovely and make me happy as well. HPPF

  18. Tracey Fletcher King

    That is lovely and I am sure someone would be thrilled to receive it… I know I would be…xx

  19. minnemie

    Beautiful tulips!!

  20. ilona

    Beautiful mail art! :-) Love the postcard with the blurred and dotty look!