August 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery

August 2018 Rekindle Memories Gallery

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One artist shared that art is a wonderful way to express “stuff” that is so hard to put into words. Sometimes there’s no words to describe how we feel or express how beautiful something is. Making memories through art helps us to share the beauty of what we have savoured with others. Whether it’s sketching, painting, making collage, writing… I think art helps us process life in a profound way.

This August, we have 17 artists participating in 11 countries from around the world! As always, I like seeing all the different subjects that have captured their interests. There’s so much richness and depth in the art, words and learning that they all have shared. Wonderful priceless memories. Please enjoy!

Rekindle Memories Artists

Carolyn; USA

Dominik; Germany

Fernando; Brazil

Janet; USA

June; USA

Kay; Philippines

Mel; New Zealand
Michael; Africa

Olivia; France
Rina; Philippines
Samiah; Saudi Arabia

Smita; India
Sudipta; India
Teri; USA

Valeriya; Russia
Veronica; USA

Yana; Brussels

Let’s make each day memorable through Rekindle Memories–creating memories through art! It starts 1st to 7th of September (and beyond if you want to!)

  • To join: sketch and paint one thing inspired by your life and use  #rekindlememories  when you share them on Instagram or Facebook. You can also email your artworks to me:
  • If you think someone might enjoy this art challenge, please invite them!
  • To join other Rekindle Memories Artist, please go here. Note: Rekindle Memories FAQ, gallery and stories:

I can’t wait to see what memories you will create!

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  1. Carolyn

    I cannot pick a favorite. I’m mesmerized by all the bright colors and the personal sharing of life events. Art helps me to share things I sometimes don’t want to verbalize. Thanks to all the artists that share their stories.

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