Happy Thank You More Please

Annie of Happy Thank You More Please

Sketch of one of my favorite character in the film Happy Thank you More Please: Annie
Annie opening the bottle of medicine using her mouth after failed attempts of opening it with her hands.
Pen and watercolor on sketchbook

Annie: About a year ago, I was in this cab, and the cab driver – this Indian guy, started telling me…he started telling me all sorts of stuff. He was just looking at me in the rear view mirror and he said, Bliss. Bliss is your birthright. And I was like, Uh…45th and Madison? And he said, You have great potential in this lifetime. The key to your life is gratitude. You do not give enough thanks. And I said, Well, how do I do that? And he said, Simple! Say ‘thank you.’ And I said, Well, when? And he said, All the time! Like now. And he said that after I say ‘thank you,’ I should say, ‘more please’
Sam #2: Wait… thank you, more please?
Annie: Yeah! That with gratitude, the universe is eternally abundant. So, I’ve been giving gratitude a shot. Thank you more please. Thank you more please. Thank you more please.


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  1. Tracey Fletcher King January 18, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    great illustration… haven’t seen this movie… going to have to hunt it up now…xx

  2. I love that movie, it was so great to recognize the title and see your painting of Annie and know that you like it too!

  3. Beautiful work! Love how you shaded her and blending of colors on her shirt! Happy PPF!

  4. Excellent! The quote and the art.

  5. Terrific illustration. Happy PPF and enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  6. I love how her other hand is in a fist — I can feel her frustration trying to open that #^@%! bottle! Happy PPF!

  7. Love that headscarf!

  8. Great sketch, very lively! Now you got me interested in this movie, have to google it! :) Happy PPF!

  9. This is an intriguing piece. I love the colors and expression.

  10. Gloria J Zucaro January 19, 2013 at 1:13 am

    You are as always elegant and a teacher of “the way”!

  11. Very true about gratitude. :)

    Happy PPF!!

  12. What a great conversation!
    Thanks for sharing, happy PPF!


  13. Interesting convo you had with the driver. Great job of Annie having a hard time opening the bottle. Really nice! Happy PPF!

  14. I love this post….gratitude is the key!!

    Hugs Giggles

  15. Lis, your painting is lovely. I like the style of painting you did, loose and free.

  16. This is an intriguing picture. It reminded us a little of Quentin Blake’s illustrations!

  17. Ms. Anna you should watch the movie too. I adore Annie much!

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