(New Class) Watercolor Sketching Your Life

(New Class) Watercolor Sketching Your Life

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As much as I like sketching in pen, sometimes I find the freedom of not doing any initial sketch and just diving right in with watercolor. It’s the same feeling that my young learners have whenever I will ask them to outline their penciled drawings with marker. They mostly feel daunted by the task because they prefer to just go and paint. I remembered when I was just starting out, I would draw directly with watercolor. It doesn’t matter if the output looks funny because the thrill of experiencing my paints was rewarding to me. I think there is a time for everything. We move to another phase of new learning adventures as we keep going.

Speaking of learning adventures, I am happy to share with you my newest online class–Watercolor Sketching Your Life! It’s about inspiring and guiding you on how to savor each moment by sketching and painting your life using just watercolor.

The class will cover the importance of color value contrast, how to choose colors by getting to know its color bias, how to do watercolor sketching by observing the edges, lines and shapes, mixing colors on paper, adding darks and details, and finally how to paint white. This class is great for beginners and experienced artists!

Watercolor Sketching Your Life

I praise God for his grace during the several months of hard work for this class. It was particularly challenging to paint in public but He strengthened me through. I thank Him for the provisions and for giving me a husband who is a patient and a wonderful videographer.

I hope you will join me in Watercolor Sketching Your Life! When you sign up for Premium Membership, you get access to all of my classes on Skillshare starting with a one-month free trial. See you in class!

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Sketch Your Life Wherever You Are!

A free ebook that helps you create expressive sketches of your life in pen and watercolor.

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