Painting Day 28: What is Love

I painted a mini booklet filled with the beautiful meaning of love from the Bible as a simple gift for a friend who has just gotten married. I enjoyed painting on it. I have given the booklet to her. I hope she likes it. Enjoy!

“Love is Kind”

love is kind

“Love rejoices in truth”; “Love bears all things”

love rejoices in truth and bears all things

“Love believes all things”
; “Love hopes all things”

love believes and hopes all things

“Love endures all things”; “Love never fails”

love endures and never fails

God is Love

God is Love

Have a beautiful weekend filled with love, courage and blessings! God bless everyone!

Paint Party Friday!

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  1. Smashing pages Elisa. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. This is a beautiful gift. I am sure that you friend will treasure it.

  3. Lisa WrightStuff June 1, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    That is so beautiful. What a thing to treasure :)

  4. Sweet, lovely gift! Great idea and beautifully rendered!

  5. Beautiful! What a personal and heartfelt gift! I am sure it will be a cherished gift!

  6. What a beautiful gift!

  7. Such a wonderful reminder of Love. Beautifully done. Happy PPF

  8. Happy weekend to you too Elisa. Excellent pages. Love all the colors. Thanks for sharing. Happy PPF!

  9. This is lovely. I especially like the “Love endures all things” page.

  10. such charming pages~

  11. This is precious. What a wonderful gift. We used this scripture at our wedding, too. I know it’s commonly used, but so beautiful — always a great reminder.

  12. That is a wonderful idea for a newlywed couple! I love it! I’m sure they loved it also. Happy PPF!

  13. Mary C. Nasser June 2, 2012 at 2:18 am

    Very, very nice!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  14. Nora Clemens-Gallo June 2, 2012 at 2:25 am

    Beautiful and very colorful pages. I adore them!!

    Thanks for sharing and have an amazing and creative weekend!

  15. What a lovely sweet gift!

  16. Totally beautiful..and so very special..gorgeous and magical…very inspiring!

  17. Oh! Wow! ~ I am late to the party ~ This is such a wonderful gift and loving your creations ~ thanks ^_^

  18. That’s very sweet. I bet they will love it.

  19. Thanks a lot Linda! I hope so too! :)

  20. Thanks so much Carol for the appreciation!:)

  21. Thank you for the sweet words Victoria! Have a great day!

  22. Thank you so much Eva!

  23. Thank you Nora! Your words made me smile! :) Have an awesome weekend yourself!

  24. Thank you Mary!

  25. Thank you Kristin! Much appreciated!

  26. Yes I agree Debbie. This is the best meaning of love. Thanks a lot!

  27. Thanks Tammie!

  28. I love that page too. Thank you! :)

  29. Thank you Gloria!

  30. Thank you Marji! :):)

  31. Thanks a lot Carla!

  32. Thanks much Carolyn!!

  33. Thanks so much Anne!

  34. Thank you Lisa! Something memorable:)

  35. Thank you Ginny! :)

  36. Thanks much Netty! Have a blessed day!

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