Singapore Cityscape

Singapore Cityscape

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As I am being refined and renewed and sanctified, I find that I long all the more to dig deeper and deeper into who God created me to be. That means less of the looking around at what this world is up to but more onto His Word first so that I will be able to know the needs of others better. Similarly as I progress as an artist by His grace I want to hone the way I paint and to continue in my exploration and discovery for the sole purpose of glorifying Him in this work. But I admit that I still need to learn a lot but it is essential to learn and apply it in a manner that is beneficial to who I am. It is therefore important to not lose track of who we are in Christ in all that we do.

This painting was inspired by husband’s photograph and I like how he was able to capture the whole skyline of the city (except the Merlion). I was thinking at first to sketch it but I felt the urge to paint it right away… in a loose manner with the risk of mistakes and imperfection. But that is exactly the way I want it. And that is the way I want to live for Christ–trusting in Him more because His grace is sufficient in my weakness, to know His heart, to think more of others and less of me.

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