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It all started with a seed of idea– friends telling me that they were terrible at drawing and that they can only draw stick figures; my students drawing what they already know in their minds instead of looking at the subject and understand how it looks like. I wanted to reach out to them and make it easy for them to learn how to sketch by seeing. Thus Sketch Your Life was born.

Japanese Garden in pen and watercolor

It wasn’t easy. I think it took about a year of brainstorming, planning, testing, writing, recording, failing and trying again and again before we were able to publish this class. There were sleepless nights, sunburn from painting too long under the sun and eating out because I don’t have the time to cook.

But I am thankful that God is working behind the scenes in this project. He has given us the necessary skills, equipments, resources and open doors in order to even make this class possible.  I am so thankful that He has given me my husband who is becoming an expert in the field of videography as he continues to step out of his comfort zone and keep on learning by doing. I am thankful that He has enabled me to step into my students’ shoes to know their learning needs and be able to create a lesson plan that is detailed yet easy to follow and apply the concepts in their lives.

Testing and checking the settings of the camera

In the process of making this class I have learned…

  1. how to record my own teaching demo (thanks to my husband) when he wasn’t around.
  2. that I work “better” on pressure and deadline. Although I don’t particularly thrive on that kind of environment but setting a specific date is crucial in helping me accomplish my goals.
  3. how to manage myself by making the best use of the time. To work on each task one at a time and do it well.
  4. to continue to trust in God and to rely in Him for strength especially in the moments of doubt, fear and worry. I don’t even know if this work is from Him but all I know is that He is sanctifying me with every work according to His purpose for my good.
  5. that working with my husband on a project that is meaningful for us strengthens our marriage because as I have said in #4 God is sanctifying us in this work. There were moments of conflict and misunderstanding and even frustration but God has given us the grace to bear with each other, to forgive, to encourage one another and to be patient.
  6. to rest in the presence of God especially when things are not working out as expected and to not give up when failure comes. To continue to read His word that it may correct my ways and the intention of my heart.
  7. to give thanks in the good and in the challenging times. To ask God to sustain my faith in Him and to never forget Him especially when things are going well.

How to see and observe

By God’s grace the class is slowly growing from 4 students to 147 students as of this writing. One student inspires me with her sketches and application of her learning. Some students shared that they have no idea how to sketch and were hoping that this class may help them. I am grateful to the Skillshare community for their support and encouragement. I am thankful to God that this class is not only helping my learners but it is also helping me become a better teacher.

I invite you to sketch your life wherever you are!


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Sketch Your Life Wherever You Are!

A free ebook that helps you create expressive sketches of your life in pen and watercolor.

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