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Late January, around 11 artists participated in the Sketch Your Life 2 Workshop where they sketched and painted their lives for 30 days. From beginner to experienced artists, they all have something in common– to savor their lives through sketching and painting and to be better artist by making art daily and often. I am so inspired by their progress and enthusiasm, and learned a lot about their culture through art and stories.

It is my delight to share with you the selected artworks of these amazing artists. I hope they will inspire you to sketch your life!


I have also collated inspiring lessons from some of the artists throughout the workshop journey. Enjoy!


I am finally learning to enjoy the process! Always chasing the perfect line and worried about the results, not anymore! 

My challenge here is to find time and have the discipline to sketch daily. I won’t mention that watercolor is a whole new universe for me. Trying to practice all the time.


Sometimes less is more.


I used black paint for the first time for the dog at the end and noticed it will take over the rest of the page if you use too much…now I know.


Every comment enjoyed me so much and helped me think that I can do it! Even though I sometimes (often) underestimate myself and my ability to draw/sketch/paint… ;) That’s amazing how we can do such different things out of the same subject, with all our different lives and sensitivity.


This is my first time painting outdoors and I enjoyed it a lot. As I challenged myself to finish the painting in the park, I tried to use only a few colors and layers.

Last week I started to take a small notebook to the subway station with me to sketch people . I think it’s a good way to practice because you get to see a variety of body shapes, postures and faces.

I should’ve sketched this with a pencil before inking it. I thought on doing it all over again but I preferred to stick with this version and try to improve it. 


I gaze out into my garden and realize that everything is temporary.  It’s constantly changing.  We should be also.  We should be growing.

I had never attempted to draw with a pen, I had never considered doing watercolor washes over my sketches.  Everything I had ever attempted was very structured and “by the book”.  That’s pretty much gone now, I’m pretty relaxed about my sketching and I find the most fun things to sketch are things that just catch my eye, but knowing that what I sketch is MY rendering of it, not what it actually looks like.


I will keep on trying. This 31-day challenge is so good for me. I look forward to the assignment everyday. It also has inspired me to create and learn more techniques. 


I have some koi watercolor brush pens. Never really used them, since I prefer using “the real deal” (watercolor), but I just wanted to have fun and experiment.


I struggle with the “good enough” aspect of both doing art and sharing art. But this workshop is a great way to step out of my comfort zone and make some new friends!

I was in a rush to do this between errands. I knew it would be “rough” and I saw my paint slipping outside of the hasty lines, but I promised myself I’d be okay with it and just finish. See it through and get it up on the project board. Part of the lesson I’m learning with watercolors and with this workshop is that perfection isn’t the goal–expression is.

I allow myself to be playful with the colors and the textures without worrying much about the outcome. 


To keep the momentum going after the workshop, I have created a space for those who want to continue (or even start) sketching and painting their lives. Inspiring prompts are sent on a flexible basis (depending on the progress of the participants). There are a lot of feedback, tips, and encouragement from one another. Come join us in the Facebook group at Harmony Thoughts Pen and Watercolor Workshop!

PS* My third online class called Watercolor Sketching Your Life will be published next week! It’s all about sketching and painting your life using just watercolor. I cannot wait to share it with you all. Have a restful weekend!

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4 Responses

  1. Olivia

    Oh, thank you Elisa, that brings me so much joy to see again some of the sketches we made! That workshop was really great.
    I’m happily waiting for your next class! I hope I’ll have time to seriously enroll in it (a lot of work, not much free time for the rest these past few weeks, and the couple to come!).
    Thank you again, Elisa.

  2. Carolyn

    What a wonderful window into our little corner of the world. I enjoyed every bit and piece. Thank you for all you do to encourage my creativity.

  3. Elisa Choi Ang

    You are so welcome, Carolyn. Thankful that you enjoyed the gallery! You are an inspiration to me too. Keep going and take care!

  4. Elisa Choi Ang

    My pleasure, Olivia. I am glad that you enjoyed the gallery! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm on my next class. Rest well this weekend. Take care! :)

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