Sketch Your Life: Student Gallery Part 4 of 4

Sketch Your Life: Student Gallery Part 4 of 4

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I can attest that sketching from life is challenging (especially using a pen!) yet very rewarding. I don’t think about making my sketches perfect or else I might as well feel intimidated of even starting at all. All I care about is the experience of savouring the life around me and the tremendous learning that happens whenever I step out in faith to do something that undoubtedly scares me (at first) but by the grace of God I am strengthen to do whatever it is I am called to do for the day.

I am very inspired by the hard work of all of my students who participated in the Sketch Your Life workshop. Whether they sketch daily or often, the importance is in the doing. Hopefully they will continue to be grateful of their lives and savour it often through sketching and painting. Enjoy the last batch of the students’ artworks!

To learn more about the basics of sketching and painting, have a look at my Skillshare class and begin sketching your life!

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