Sketch Your Life: Student Project Gallery Part 2 of 4

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These second batch of artists inspire me a lot because they have managed to sketch their lives for a month despite how they feel, no matter how busy their lives were. They never give up and they keep going. Their stories are inspirational and chock full of interesting tidbits about themselves. Their works are unique and personal. Their enthusiasm to learn is contagious. Come and enjoy these sketches!



See part 1 here. Stay tuned for part 3! Come and join us on how to sketch your life!


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Sketch Your Life Wherever You Are!

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4 Responses

  1. freya pickard

    this is really inspiring, Elisa! I wish I had the energy to capture my life visually every day…

  2. Carolyn O'Bayley

    Elisa! What a fun gallery to browse through and I’m honored that you included my work. I really enjoyed the classes you presented on Skillshare. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

  3. Elisa Choi Ang

    Dear Freya! Thank you for your words! Doesn’t have to be everyday but as often as you can whenever you have the energy. even just simple objects. I hope to see your work soon! Take care and God bless!

  4. Elisa Choi Ang

    Dear Carolyn! It was a pleasure to include your works and you are an inspiration to me and all the students. Thank you for bringing the joy of sketching your life and sharing your story with the world. Take care and God bless you!

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