The Tone in Colors

I fancy architecture. I draw this piece from the cover of my watercolor pencil case. I am studying tone in colors and thought I could apply the concept in this drawing.

I color this with Derwent watercolor pencils. You can see how the light and shade (tone) are created on where the sun and shadow hits the different parts of the structure. To make a tone darker, I learn to add black + the original color varying the intensity with the former. To achieve a lighter effect, I add more water.

I love the vividness of the colors. I love how a little black can create a whole range of tone that makes a drawing three dimensional and more interesting. What I am aiming to achieve next is to make drawings as accurately as possible.

I am sharing this on Paint Party Friday and hope you might learn something. If you have additional lessons or experiences to impart about tones feel free to share them in the comments. I love to hear them (and respond)!

 I hope you all have a great day! God bless everyone!

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  1. Hi Elisa, your architectural drawing is great. I like all the shadows you’ve placed to give it the three dimensional feel. Very nice work. Happy PPF!

  2. Love this architectural detail!! Love all the shadow detail also!! Happy PPF!

  3. Wonderful… this is like organic architecture, the melding of nature & man-made to make one great drawing… I love pencils too, I am in love with my Faber Castel pastel pencils at the mo… don’t te’ll my hubby ;)

  4. Loving your picture a wonderful result with pencils. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. Looks really cool! :) Love it!

  6. Wonderful piece and wonderful process explanation ~ Love it! ~Happy PPF ~ Carol (Share the Creative Journey)

  7. reminds me of my childhood :) fancy painting.

  8. Love the colors in your painting ~ nice explanation of how you achieved the lighter/darker tones.

  9. A clever way to include tone study in your artwork. Well Done!

  10. Wow this came out fantastic! Thanks so much for telling us how to get the darks and lights. I have the pencils but haven’t experimented with them yet. maybe this weekend, hmm…. Happy PPF! Deb

  11. Oooh, I love this. I was going to ask if it was someplace near you, but then read that it’s the cover of the pencils. Good place to look for a piece to learn from.

  12. I agree! Architecture is so cool and I love your piece! :-)

  13. Gorgeous sketch…colorful and full of life! POP ART MINIS

  14. Blues and purples are also great for shadow colors and actually I like them better than black. Sometimes I use burnt umber instead. Nice drawing; While I like looking at it, architecture is a pain really to draw, especially when there are a lot of fiddly bits to put in. Happy PPF!

  15. Great piece! It is hard to do architectural drawings – all the perspective challenges etc. You did a great job!

  16. oh I love this !!!! what a wonderful piece….great work….Happy PPF!!!!

  17. I love this! I really want to improve my drawing skills and wish that I could sketch like this. I need to practice, practice, practice! Thanks for including what you’re learning about tone and shade.

  18. Derwent water color pencils are one of my favorite mediums to play with- so many possibilities with them! And I LOVE your drawing- all the swirly architectural details are awesome!

  19. Hah, I think I have that same cover on my Derwents~
    Awesome work with the watercolor pencils, they are so relaxing to work with… =w=

    // – T.W –

  20. I love all the colors of this piece. Very nice use of the medium too! Happy PPF!

  21. lovely work!!!

  22. I love this building. You’ve done a great job!

  23. Thanks so much Gloria! I love the details!

  24. Thanks a lot!

  25. The colors are so vivid.. thanks a lot for your appreciation Sheri!:)

  26. Haha! Isn’t it a lovely design of Derwent? Thanks a lot and let’s try out this medium more:)

  27. Yes they certainly are great and easy to use… Thanks a lot for your sweet thoughts!

  28. No problem! We all need to practice everyday because that’s where we learn and become good! Thanks a lot and you’re welcome!

  29. Thanks so much Diana! Happy PPF!

  30. Thanks so much Eva.. very challenging indeed and that’s what I am going to practice too.. :)

  31. Yes I agree with the colors you have mentioned that makes great shadows and better than black! For those really dark ones I just add a bit black which makes a great contrast between blue and blue + black. Yes it is hard to draw.. requires a lot of patience! But it’s always worth it! Thank you!

  32. Thanks a lot Crystal!:)

  33. Thanks so much!

  34. Thanks a lot Carla… there’s something to learn everywhere:)

  35. Oh I can’t wait to see your work then! The result is good and I need more practice :) Thanks a lot Deb!

  36. Thanks a lot Hybrid!

  37. Thanks a lot Megan and you’re welcome!

  38. I am not sure which of this reminds of your childhood–the drawing? the colors? Haha, Thank you Shiela!

  39. Thanks so much Carol !!

  40. Thank you very much Natasha!

  41. Thank you so much Annette!

  42. What a way to describe this painting, thank you! color pencils are great to work at no? Your husband must be proud of your creativity:)

  43. Thanks so much Heather! I really appreciate it!

  44. Thanks a lot Rhonda for your appreciation! :)

  45. Nice colors and architectural details!

  46. I like the combination of your watercolor pencils (and the vibrant colors) with the ink lines… wonderful!

  47. This is so pretty, I love the colors!

  48. Love it!!! Makes me want to dig out my watercolor pencils and start practicing :)

  49. Such great colors! Architecture always catches my eye too. :) I love the way you explained your process. Thank you & have a wonderful week.

  50. Thanks so much Jen! I’m glad you enjoyed it!:)

  51. Go ahead and try it now!:) It surely will change your perspective on watercolor pencils..

  52. Thank you so much Julie!

  53. Thanks so much Kristin!

  54. Thanks a lot Marcia!

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