Watercolor Painting: Experimenting is Fun

Experimenting with mixing colors and the feel of the brushes

Experimenting with shadows and light

Experimenting with reflection and creating clouds out of the blue sky that is a struggle ;p

Experimenting with sky.. but it doesn’t turn out smoothly.. But I love the warm buildings though!

Now who wants coffee? Making this murky mud requires the least of effort! Lol!

trying to experiment the different shades of browns and lights. The shadows should be lighter.

An attempt in painting pine tree by just brushing the brush up and down in rhythm

Mixture of red and blue for that purplish and reddish flowers

I love yellow and blue because they create the most beautiful green.. better than sap green.

These experimental paintings are days’ worth of practicing and discovery. What are you experimenting today?

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  1. hahahahaha looks like a lot of fun! :)


  2. It is! :D

  3. Very nice! :)

  4. Nice drawings. very creative :)

    now.. why is there a mention of “sap” in the post.. lol

  5. Thanks much Ollen! haha! Seriously there is a sap green in one of the colors! haha! sap is famous you know.. ;D Happy birthday again! :)

  6. Thank you!

  7. gusto koung pgpaint mo ng building, picture #1 :)

  8. haha, mejo naconfuse ako sa sinasabi mong building sa #1.. well i am thinking.. maybe the red or the green one looks like a building?… ;p Thanks girl :)

  9. Glad your having fun.. Haven’t done that since I was like 5. Maybe because didn’t have the talent like you do=)

  10. Thanks a lot! Same here.. my last watercolor art was when I was still a child. But it’s never too late to start something new… Sometimes you just have to try! :)

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