Writing on the Wall

Have you ever written on the wall? I did. Somewhere in the crevices I draw and sometimes I write my name.

Who’s your national hero? Are you inspired by him or her while carrying out your dreams? I am.

I don’t know if I REALLY know who I am. Most of the time I struggle to be wholeheartedly ME. But I always pray that every time I am turning out into “WHO-AM-I?” I will stay CONNECTED with myself. Be MORE AWARE.

I love God so much. He’s part of my life. Without Him I am nothing. He’s the reason for my every thing.

Sometimes I want my drawings to be perfect. Then something like a “oopsie” moment might happen like the wrong splash of colors or the wrong stroke. But hey I remind myself that darling my drawing is A-OK! Stop being too hard on oneself.

All the hurt, pain, regret, anxiety, fear, guilt, past, sorrow, shame, negativity… Let it Go. It’s difficult, yes but slowly bring in the learning and positiveness and courage for that DREAM.

Climb every mountain ford every dream. Follow every rainbow till you find your dream.

elisa choi arts

Welcome to my Sketchbook Project 2012: Writing on the Wall. Above are just some additional pages of my sketchbook. It has been an incredible and amazing journey of creating and brainstorming. It’s definitely a worthwhile first experience of getting my work out there.

The Wall is my sketchbook and the illustrations that are portrayed and the things that I pasted here  are personal to me. I am illustrating my life after all.

Anyone from Brooklyn, Chicago, Portland,Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Greater Boston Area, Portland, Toronto, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Austin…?

I hope you could drop by and check my sketchbook (along with thousand others) and drop me a message when you do! I would really appreciate that since I don’t live near those places and cannot see those incredible sketchbooks myself. The places and dates are here. Tour starts April 2012!

How about you PPF artists, did you join the Sketchbook Project 2012? I love to see your work!

Update: My digitize sketchbook can be found here.


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  1. mandyateightisenough February 3, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    Very deep and wonderful journal pages…xxx

  2. Great pages, thank you for sharing your special thoughts. Happy PPF, Annette x

  3. “writing on the wall” is a great theme for a sketchbook and I love all the heartfelt expression you’ve poured into your pages!

  4. Hooray for The Sketchbook Project!
    Your paintings and writings are especially thought-provoking. :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  5. Beautiful. I needed that word today: Let it go!

  6. Great pages! Congratulations on completing it.

  7. I especially love the sketch of the little boy on the rock. Gorgeous work.

  8. I truly love both the phrases Writing on the Wall and Illustrating My Life. They are both so powerful and poignant.

    You are very inspiring.

  9. Thanks so much Carla. They are related with each other. Pretty awesome :)

  10. Thanks so much Anne! I love it too!

  11. Thank you Eva! I’m pleased and thankful to have finished it.

  12. Thanks a lot Faye. It’s one of my word.. everyday. :)

  13. Thanks a lot Mary! I just love to inspire!

  14. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your kind words!

  15. Thank you very much Netty!

  16. Thanks so much!

  17. Wonderful sketchbook pages! My friend Cheryl @ http://mysticmissive.blogspot.com/ did, and her book was also on Writing on the Wall. You should check it out.:)
    Happy PPF!

  18. Love your messages, very powerful. Thanks for sharing. Happy PPF!

  19. That’s such a nice idea “Writing on the wall” .Your messages and pages are lovely.

  20. Lovely journal pages and beautiful sentiments.

  21. Nicole Campanella/Beadwright February 5, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    Very nice in all manner. I love the depth of thought and art.

  22. Beautiful paintings and messages Elisa! You got me thinking about heros and I realized I have too many too mention,lol! It seems like I learn something from everyone I meet both in person and on the computer! Isn’t life grand?!!!! Hugs, Deb

  23. Oh wow! These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your heart!

  24. Thanks so much Heather! And it’s my pleasure!

  25. Life is just grand! I have learned so much and I am learning still with people and resources etc. Thanks so much Deb. :)

  26. Thanks a lot Nicole!

  27. Thanks so much Tricia!

  28. I love the theme for my sketchbook. Thanks a lot!

  29. Thanks a lot Gloria!

  30. Thanks so much Helen. I checked her page and I found lovely words. Thanks for sharing!

  31. I love this theme and your pages are wonderful! You put so much of yourself into them. Thank you for sharing them!

  32. Just stopping by to say hello and share some PPF love!

  33. I am in Chicago and will try to get to the exhibit in May. I went a few years ago and there were over 400 sketchbooks, so I only got through about 25 in 2 1/2 hours! Yours is looking great. The fact that they are personal is what makes them so wonderful to look through.

  34. Thank you Gloria, I really appreciate that. I sure wish I can go there too.

  35. Thanks Renee!

  36. Thanks a lot Pam! It’s my personal journey. :)

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