Sketching in Transit 7

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Persevering Till the End I saw him again on my way to work and had to quickly sketched him. He lived across from the bus stop, carrying his blue drawstring knapsack along with a belt bag and would slowly inch his way accompanied by his two four-legged canes. He inspires me. At his old age he still goes to work despite his condition. He always entered last in the bus and would go down at the first stop. I have no idea … Read More

Paint Jam

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It is a great experience to gather with fellow brother and sisters in Christ to make art. It might be intimidating at times especially when others are better than you but let not that stop you from joining and being part of a community. As for me I just want to listen to stories, perhaps learn something new, and paint! First they asked us to draw one another using our non-dominant hand. Some laughed and even had to apologised for the “bad” drawing. Surprisingly … Read More

Teaching Painting

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It has always been my desire to teach painting but I guess teaching painting is quite different from painting itself. I mean when I paint I feel so focused and in the “zone” that I am not actually thinking of the way or steps that I paint. But when I get to teach that, I find it challenging because I need to actually verbalize the steps and be able to translate from what is vague and difficult to manageable and … Read More

How to Make Your Own Stationeries

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I enjoy writing letters to family and friends and prefer handwritten over typewritten. In the past I used to buy stationeries but now I prefer to make my own. Not only is this method inexpensive but also handmade things makes everything special. Here’s how I make my own stationeries: Materials: Drawing block paper Scissors Watercolor Brushes Procedures: Cut the drawing block paper into A5 (approx 5.83″ x 8.27″) Decide on a theme for the design. It can be anything. I like nature. Paint … Read More

Singapore Cityscape

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As I am being refined and renewed and sanctified, I find that I long all the more to dig deeper and deeper into who God created me to be. That means less of the looking around at what this world is up to but more onto His Word first so that I will be able to know the needs of others better. Similarly as I progress as an artist by His grace I want to hone the way I paint and … Read More

Steamed Chocolate Spongecake

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We got this Tefal steamer a few months ago and it has made our cooking easier without the effort of having to do stir fry and wash the huge wok. I am not sure which of us have thought it first but husband and I wanted to try make some steamed cake. He searched a simple recipe and we tweaked the ingredients based from our preference and what we have on hand. We are not bakers so it’s our first time to handle … Read More

Meaningful Interruption

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I heard the beautiful music played by Uncle across the room and I went out to sketch him. He turned around and asked me what am I doing to which I simply replied, “Sketching you.” I suddenly had this thought that how many of us would like our lives to be interrupted for someone else? We are all busy creatures rarely pausing to rest and even more so to listen to that beautiful melody being played by the old lady at the corner of the street. … Read More

Of Pies and Meeting Artist

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I admit that I am not often the first to initiate conversations and meet ups. The introvert in me prefers to work alone or be with someone whom I know for a long time. But I know that as an artist, I should get out and connect personally with other creatives. But all that has changed when Momi Airees messaged me. We “met” through Instagram and she was also the one whom I commissioned last year to print our wedding invitations using her unique handmade papers. … Read More

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