My Experience of Sketching with Noodler’s Ahab Fountain Pen

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I have always wanted to sketch using a fountain pen. Searching for the best fountain pen is personal and unique to the users’ needs. I like the flexible nib since I can create thick and lines like using a calligraphy pen. In this video, I shared a review of the Noodler’s Ahab fountain pen, how to refill ink, what ink you can use, how long the ink dries depending on the type of paper you use, mark-making, sketching, and the … Read More

It’s Time for Rekindle Memories (Plus Portable Painter Review)

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On the first week of July, 7 artists from 4 different countries participated in the Rekindle Memories where they sketched/ painted their lives, and savoured the moment that captured their interest. I love the sense of connection that art brings. I enjoyed the heart warming stories that accompanied each artwork. What a pleasure it is to be able to take part in someone else’s memories. Please enjoy the sketches and paintings from these amazing artists!   Rekindle Memories will happen again on the … Read More

Review: Montval Torchon Watercolor Paper

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Montval Torchon watercolor paper by Canson Infinity I thought of using another product of Canson which is the Montval Torchon watercolor paper for a personal project. The weight of the paper is 270 gsm and it has a snowy appearance like texture. It gives a bumpy feel when touch and opens up like a pad. Snowy surface To test the paper I painted some scenes. 65: Flowery The paper suits my loose style of painting which is mostly wet into wet with minimal details. … Read More

How to Paint Washer Necklace in Acrylics

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Materials on painting washer necklace I was asked to join an accessory swap organized by the talented crafter Nica Cosio. I have never made accessories before but was encouraged to at least try. Wanting to incorporate paints somewhere on the accessory, I stumbled upon tutorials on how to paint washer jewelry. Inspired, I made my own version. Sharing the steps below and hoping that it will inspire you to try making one. :) Step 1: Buy the washers at a hardware store and choose the one with … Read More

Bookbinding 101

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I think the beauty of binding one’s own sketchbook is that it is personal and one can incorporate different types of paper and decorate its cover to one’s heart content. It is wonderfully cheap too. And so I was very thankful to have “known” Effy Wild who created a fabulous bookbinding tutorial which was so easy to follow. Quite an addicting craft I must say! Above is the list of materials that I used. It is pretty much the same … Read More

Holiday 2012 Handmade Gift Exchange

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This is my second time to join the handmade craft exchange hosted by Linda Gardner. And this time it’s a holiday gift exchange! We are assigned a partner wherein we will make and give each other a handmade gift. Hello to Nicqui Scott from UK! She loves to cook, bake, knit, sew, make quilts, tea parties and many others. I wish I know how to knit or make some patchwork but since she loves to cook I decided to buy … Read More

Watercolor Pencils Fun

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I got another new set of “toys” to play with and that is none other than the watercolor pencils from Derwent! Thanks to my boyfriend who has given me this gorgeous set! I am loving my art toys so far! I can’t wait to try them and so I grabbed my sketchbook and a chair and hop outside for some garden drawing. There is this beautiful colored plant that caught my attention and I sketched it right away. I traced … Read More

Water+Paint = Watercolor!

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I love watercolor. I love the after texture that it creates– the different mixes of colors blended to create a harmonious painting. I love how it has a “life” of its own– the way the colors just creep towards each other creating a surprise or sometimes what they call a “happy accident”. I love brushes. I love the sight of watercolor tubes on a palette. I love watching or seeing people’s paintings in watercolor. Imagine the joy it brings to me … Read More