Airport Sketches

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I wasn’t able to sketch during our travel walks because we are always in a hurry hence the airport sketches. I adore sketching people better than architecture and things. I think because there is a certain excitement of capturing forms and actions in a quick manner. Sketching humans on location means to be able to adapt to changes and movements of people. You can see many of my unfinished sketches and broken lines. Sometimes I prefer to just draw their shoes. … Read More

On Routines and New Year

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“Old Man at Cafe” pen and watercolor on sketchbook What is your routine? Do you have one? Isn’t it cool to know other people’s routine? I do. I recently stumbled on an article about the Daily Routines of Famous Writers. It is interesting to know how creative people organizes his or her day and what they do with the little time that they have. It fascinates me that we all have our own daily routines and although there might be similarities … Read More

Golden Yellow

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Golden Yellow in watercolor The leaves shriveled into a crisp golden yellow ochre with a hint of cobalt burnt. Like wind chimes following the whisper of the wind, the old leaves dance slowly but definitely not its last. For new things will take root and it will grow fruitful. If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation: The old has gone and the new has come (2 Cor 5:17)! He is no longer slave to sin and tradition. … Read More

Sketch People

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“Sketch People” ink on sketchbook I love sketching people. I particularly find comfort to sketch them in private like when they are busy or when their backs are turn on me. There will be times when I find myself sketching them up front. I caught their eyes staring at me. For a moment I feel a wash of shame because they might thought that I am being disrespectful. But those were just my thoughts. Because who knows what they were … Read More

Travel Sketches and Reflections

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I miss my daily painting. I was off travelling with my family at Singapore. It was an amazing 4 day escapade. I was able to squeeze in some travel sketches though they are very simple things. We had a tight itinerary. Our feet in blisters and our shoes almost tearing apart (except for my dad). Nevertheless this was a blessed trip. Praise God! Day 1 and 2: Pattern and print sketches Day 5 : Changi Airport going back home sketch … Read More

Living in the New Year

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When we are feeling the brokenness in our lives, fragility setting in our bones and holes penetrating our hearts, may we never cease to live. I was taking a very slow walk last week and noticed these beautiful plants in our garden. Despite the many holes and frailties of its existence, the dried sagging leaves and broken core… they are all alive. Full of colors and strength. Living in the New Year. Beautiful. And I just had to capture them … Read More

Create from the Heart

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As Artists we have limitations too. Surely creating art is fun. Painting is awesome. Attending art class is fulfilling. But we also need to take a break from the creative things that we do. In my case it’s a break from doing assignments and projects in my Visual Design class. I know myself deeply. And I know when to stop. I know when it’s too much to bear. Brainstorming has been a draining process lately. My idea generating machine is … Read More

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