How to Paint Washer Necklace in Acrylics

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Materials on painting washer necklace I was asked to join an accessory swap organized by the talented crafter Nica Cosio. I have never made accessories before but was encouraged to at least try. Wanting to incorporate paints somewhere on the accessory, I stumbled upon tutorials on how to paint washer jewelry. Inspired, I made my own version. Sharing the steps below and hoping that it will inspire you to try making one. :) Step 1: Buy the washers at a hardware store and choose the one with … Read More

A Farewell Gift

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One of our dear officemate which is also our friend is leaving the team (my previous team at work) and moving on to a new role (we’re happy for her!).  I was assigned to work on the design of the scrapbook to be given to her. It was scary just thinking about committing on something which I am not very sure how it would turn out. But what better for me to do than to take the first step? I … Read More