42: In the Moment

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“In the Moment” pen and watercolor on sketchbook Getting back to the groove of life means to start somewhere. Anywhere. Anything. This week had been full of just that. I pour myself on art. I pour myself on being a beginner again. I learn and I had fun. It doesn’t have to be a chore. It doesn’t have to be perfect. When I say pour I use time wisely. No distractions of any kind. Just me and my art. I … Read More

Sunset Paradise

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“Sunset Paradise” in watercolor, 140lb Saunders Waterford A friend of mine asked me to do a painting for her birthday. I feel honored to be part of her special occasion. I feel God’s affirmation on my dream through the people who supports my art. I started brainstorming on what to paint for Cleng. I always want to make a personal painting. I started browsing her photos at FB. There were a lot of seascapes. I know she loves the beach. … Read More

Living in the New Year

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When we are feeling the brokenness in our lives, fragility setting in our bones and holes penetrating our hearts, may we never cease to live. I was taking a very slow walk last week and noticed these beautiful plants in our garden. Despite the many holes and frailties of its existence, the dried sagging leaves and broken core… they are all alive. Full of colors and strength. Living in the New Year. Beautiful. And I just had to capture them … Read More

Christmas Card Swap

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I joined a Christmas card swap over here at Willowing. My partner is Amy Malaise and among the many interesting things about her I decided to create a painting of a Christmas book display inspired by a photo in the internet. She loves books a lot! Christmas Book Display: Acrylic painting on 5 x 5 watercolor paper I also painted a bookmark for her with a black cat because she adores them. Now she can read many books at once!  Black … Read More

Lifelong Fan

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To all of you Artists, who think that this dream seems impossible because of a lot of reasons but still make time to create something simple everyday, who struggle with obstacles and challenges in life but never give up, who paint fearless, who create God inspired artworks, who take a break and pause and thus become more aware of being alive, who use time wisely with plenty of play, who give lovely comments and provide helpful advice, who share your … Read More

Go Finish the Paints

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Today I painted fairly quickly. I felt a bit rusty to be honest. You know the feeling of not being able to paint for a week. The thoughts–the fear they all rushed in. However, these are normal because I am painting. I tried bleeding away the first application of violet but it stays. It seems to stain. Any thoughts? This is another attempt–to paint tomatoes.. To console myself I painted this with nothing in mind. I am not sure if … Read More

Create from the Heart

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As Artists we have limitations too. Surely creating art is fun. Painting is awesome. Attending art class is fulfilling. But we also need to take a break from the creative things that we do. In my case it’s a break from doing assignments and projects in my Visual Design class. I know myself deeply. And I know when to stop. I know when it’s too much to bear. Brainstorming has been a draining process lately. My idea generating machine is … Read More

Lighthouse Calm Painting

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The prize of my giveaway is to ask what the 2 winners would like me to draw or paint for them. Today I am sharing with you my painting for Faye who is also a participant in PPF. She told me that she would love a painting of a seascape. Lighthouse Calm. Watercolor and Acrylics in Berkeley 180 gms watercolor paper It is a pleasure painting this beautiful seascape. As I paint I learn. I enjoy the process. I’ll be better too … Read More

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