Making Lavender Prints and Cards

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I got a bunch of fresh lavender flowers at the grocery store. They are my absolute favorite flowers. I’m not sure what to do with it except to savor the lovely scent and make some art. I enjoyed slow sketching and looking at the little details, done on a small handbound sketchbook made from watercolor paper.   Then, of course, I had to do some printmaking. I decided to make some prints by drawing the lavender, transferring it on a … Read More

Monoprint with Reusable Items

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I’ve been interested in printmaking lately, mainly because I’m taking my Master’s, and one of the studio electives I’ve chosen is Printmaking. I like its unpredictability, and it encourages me to think outside of the box. Monoprint is a form of printmaking where you can create only one print from your design. In the first video, I show you how to create a monoprint using the lining from a bag of chips.   In the second video, I show you … Read More

Intaglio Drypoint Print Using Tetra Pak

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I’ve been curious about intaglio, and when I saw Intaglio Printing Without a Press: Tetra Pak Collagraph by Handprinted, I just had to try it.   According to Handprinted, “Drypoint is an intaglio printmaking method that involves scratching an image into a plate with a pointed tool. These lines create a burr that holds ink that reveals the drawing. It is the opposite of relief printmaking as it is the sunken areas of the plate that print rather than the … Read More