Perfection is Not the Point

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People at Food Master, pen and color pencil A friend of mine told me how one of my previous sketches is a bit out of proportion. Before answering, I paused and thought of the many reasons why artists or anyone cannot seem to begin something because they want to reach that state where they can tell themselves, “This is perfect! I am ready.” But in reality is we can never be ready unless we start at some point and learn from … Read More

Bookbinding 101

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I think the beauty of binding one’s own sketchbook is that it is personal and one can incorporate different types of paper and decorate its cover to one’s heart content. It is wonderfully cheap too. And so I was very thankful to have “known” Effy Wild who created a fabulous bookbinding tutorial which was so easy to follow. Quite an addicting craft I must say! Above is the list of materials that I used. It is pretty much the same … Read More

48: Few More Steps

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“Few More Steps” watercolor on sketchbook Half of the day I decided to sketch and paint one of Hannah Loaring’s photos at Further Bound. It was rather a quick sketch on pen and then a loose brush of watercolor. The poor paper cannot take much of the abuse of water. Also the paint stains therefore it is difficult to soften some edges. After working on my first freelance project and waiting for the client’s feedback I silenced myself for a … Read More

Happy Thank You More Please

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Sketch of one of my favorite character in the film Happy Thank you More Please: Annie Annie opening the bottle of medicine using her mouth after failed attempts of opening it with her hands. Pen and watercolor on sketchbook Annie: About a year ago, I was in this cab, and the cab driver – this Indian guy, started telling me…he started telling me all sorts of stuff. He was just looking at me in the rear view mirror and he … Read More

Create from the Heart

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As Artists we have limitations too. Surely creating art is fun. Painting is awesome. Attending art class is fulfilling. But we also need to take a break from the creative things that we do. In my case it’s a break from doing assignments and projects in my Visual Design class. I know myself deeply. And I know when to stop. I know when it’s too much to bear. Brainstorming has been a draining process lately. My idea generating machine is … Read More

How to Draw Everyday?

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It starts with a Sketchbook. Or a paper. Use a Ballpen. Or a pencil. Last year I journal with words. I write my day’s event on paper. Filling it with complete details as much as possible. This 2012 I still journal but this time I DRAW my day’s event and write. I draw inspiration from a coffee break with a friend who by the way is chasing after his dreams. Hooray! I draw what I observe. My sister here is a … Read More

The Sketchbook Project 2012

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The Sketchbook Project is like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks. This wonderful initiative was started by 2 high school boys at Atlanta last 2006. At first small, little did they know that this will be a grand venue for all artist to do what they love and share these to the world. I wanted to join since last year but the sign up is closed already. This year I grab the chance and will be joining thousands of artists … Read More

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