Sketch Your Life

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It all started with a seed of idea– friends telling me that they were terrible at drawing and that they can only draw stick figures; my students drawing what they already know in their minds instead of looking at the subject and understand how it looks like. I wanted to reach out to them and make it easy for them to learn how to sketch by seeing. Thus Sketch Your Life was born. Japanese Garden in pen and watercolor It wasn’t easy. I … Read More

Sketching in Transit 7

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Persevering Till the End I saw him again on my way to work and had to quickly sketched him. He lived across from the bus stop, carrying his blue drawstring knapsack along with a belt bag and would slowly inch his way accompanied by his two four-legged canes. He inspires me. At his old age he still goes to work despite his condition. He always entered last in the bus and would go down at the first stop. I have no idea … Read More

Cactus Line and Wash Video

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One of my favorite watercolor techniques is the line and wash. It means using either ink, pen or even pencil to draw or sketch then overlay it with watercolor wash (diluted watercolor paint). I mostly sketch using a pen because I prefer the spontaneity of capturing what I see around me. This cactus painting was sketched from one of our newly bought cactus plant which sadly died a few days ago. It was a good thing I sketched it so I … Read More

44: Irises

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“Irises” watercolor on paper After painting in acrylics for quite a few days, I forgot how watercolor should be treated. Today this versatile medium reminded me that freedom is its name. I let go knowing that I will be guided by my intuition– the child in me at play. Boy, was it fun! *** I need some advice from you– Have you tried selling paintings (acrylics or watercolor) in watercolor paper? If so do you spray fixative or sealants on … Read More

Least Favorite Paint Colors

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My least favorite colors would be the dull colors. In my palette I rarely use Prussian Blue, Burnt Umber, Black and Earth Green. Though Prussian Blue isn’t dull I am not sure why I seldom use it. I adore Phthalo and Cobalt Blue better. I also splatter a bit of Yellow Ochre for a bit of drama. I love the result. I love how we can just use any colors and paint something wonderful. No matter how these colors are … Read More

Taking Leap of Faith

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Taking a leap of faith is like taking that first (scary!) step towards the beautiful dark tunnel of the unknown and then emerging with a sense of hope, strength and freedom. Pure joy. I always listen to my heart where God speaks in me before I take any chances. Is what I want to do align with what God wants me to do? Is what I am about to do bring Him glory? I listen in stillness and in solitude. … Read More

On Painting Freely

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All along I thought I am painting in a free, relax manner. Until I got hold of 3 watercolor books. A gift from my bf. Wonderful books pack with tips and learning. The artists paint freely in their own style. I’m eager to learn new techniques. I started the Atmospheric Watercolours by Jean Haines. Her paintings are loose, wild, vibrant and screaming with freedom. I think back on how I paint– It’s in a manner that I can feel the brush on paper, … Read More

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