Elisa Choi Ang, at a park, sketching what she sees

Awe-inspiring is the beauty of God’s creation that it can capture our hearts much like His love for us. It moves me to respond by recreating those special moments from the places I’ve visited. With each mark and stroke and layer and splatters of ink and paint on paper—my senses are rekindled like seeing something for the first time.

My Story

My interest in art was cultivated during my childhood years. After watching cartoon shows I would recreate the story by drawing it comic style on a lined notebook. I would imagine stories and fill pages with various drawings. I also enjoyed leafing through children’s books or any books that have pictures on it and recreating them in my own way, dreaming to make a living out of art…

Moving into adulthood, my enthusiasm in art was still fresh even if I have moved to a different path (temporarily). Still my heart is thankful to God for I know He always has a purpose wherever he placed us. He sanctify and equip us for the work that He has prepared for us beforehand (Ephesians 2:10). Even though the in-betweens were painful and challenging, God’s grace was enough. He has opened a new door for me to teach art and do creative work. My desire is to honor Him in all that I do and to bring the light of Jesus wherever I am placed. All by His grace.


I started sketching in pen and painting in watercolour  in 2011. They are my favourite medium in making art because they are portable, enabling me to freely express the beauty of this world. Learning how to sketch in pen and paint in watercolor requires many patience, determination and practice. Whether it is daily painting for a month or sketching often– it is essential to do it everyday or at least often to train those creative muscles. Aside from the books and online resources, what I find most helpful is the connections that I have made with other artists through participation in various creative activities.

Rare Bloom
I enjoy painting nature and the places that people have traveled. I paint in a range of styles from abstract to painterly but enjoy painting in a loose way the most— without an initial sketch. I think that kind of process is liberating in a way that I paint what I see and use my artistic license. I am strongly drawn to bright vivid colors, golden lights and warm shadows, mundane life of people, vintage objects, patterns and texture in nature. My style reveals soft and bold stroke, merging of bright colors, and lots of splatter. The message that I convey in my work is a feeling of calm, whimsy, nostalgia, hope, peace and most of all to let other people know about Jesus Christ.

harmony thoughts
When making art, I strongly believe in the importance of fun and creativity and believe that making mistake is essential for learning and growth. My desire is to teach and encourage the beginner artist to play and explore sketching in pen and painting in watercolor using one’s senses.

To unwind I read books (the Bible, Christian ebooks, art); discover new dishes to cook; listen and sing to Christian music; talk with loved ones; watch cooking shows; go to nature trips with my husband to take photos of nature and create sketches of my life.

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