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What initially struck me about the painting were the rainbow colours. Not only did they convey the mixture of summer and winter, but the intense feeling in the picture reflected density and strangeness of the wood that my characters were walking through. I love the energy that comes off this painting and the fluid, almost liquid dynamic that comes across. To me it represents a perfect collaboration between a writer and an artist; a meeting of image and words.

Freya P.

The painting shows how passionate the artist is about her craft. It's so much alive. It's colorful. It's detailed. For me, it represents meaningful and exciting life. Colors may signify life. A colorful life is a meaningful life. A more detailed life is a more exciting life.

Arfine I.

Elisa's Sketch Your Life class was awesome. I want to take up watercolor, but I realize that I need to sketch better first. Elisa gave incredible tips for both sketching and watercolor painting. Thank you Elisa

Kristen F.

There is a lot shared in this course. The content is helpful, well developed and thoughtfully relayed. I want to take the course again, since it serves as a reference as much as a class.

Marina A.

That moment when you see a technique being taught and you go like "woah, how didn't I think about that?" - all in all, beautiful class, and even though I'm not a fan of watercolor, this class taught me a new way of observing life, and for that I'm more than appreciative!

Razvan U.

This class included such practical tips! I also was amazed that by following her techniques (and just trusting the process) I was able to sketch better than I ever had in a matter of minutes. LOVED this class!

Rebecca H.

"I love elephants!!! I have it in clothes, things, avatars, stuffed toys, in anything. I wanted a drawing or painting of a family of elephants. Lisa's watercolor painting not only depicted a 2 parent and 2 young elephants but it captured and expressed the love and care of the parents for the young. I love the painting! Lisa is such a genius and so talented...subtle use of watercolor to evoke emotions! The best!!!”

Pam V.

"I really enjoyed this class. It took me through the process step by step and gave me the confidence to give it a go. I did my first sketch yesterday thought I would get too caught up in getting it right, but actually just enjoyed the process. Thanks Elisa for a great class!" --

Dana S.