My desire is to teach and encourage the beginner artist to play and explore sketching in pen and painting in watercolor using one’s senses.


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Gave me the confidence to give it a go

I really enjoyed this class. It took me through the process step by step and gave me the confidence to give it a go. I did my first sketch yesterday thought I would get too caught up in getting it right, but actually just enjoyed the process. Thanks Elisa for a great class!
Dana S.

Elisa gave incredible tips for both sketching and watercolor painting

Elisa’s Sketch Your Life class was awesome. I want to take up watercolor, but I realize that I need to sketch better first. Elisa gave incredible tips for both sketching and watercolor painting. Thank you Elisa
Kristen F.

This class taught me a new way of observing life

That moment when you see a technique being taught and you go like “woah, how didn’t I think about that?” – all in all, beautiful class, and even though I’m not a fan of watercolor, this class taught me a new way of observing life, and for that I’m more than appreciative!
Razvan U.

I was able to sketch better than I ever had in a matter of minutes

This class included such practical tips! I also was amazed that by following her techniques (and just trusting the process) I was able to sketch better than I ever had in a matter of minutes. LOVED this class!
Rebecca H.

Really enjoyed this class!

Elisa’s knowledge and explanations are invaluable. The mixing color section was something I actually didn’t know, so it was extremely useful and insightful. Thank you, Elisa!
Mariya P.

I want to take the course again

There is a lot shared in this course. The content is helpful, well developed and thoughtfully relayed. I want to take the course again, since it serves as a reference as much as a class.
Marina A.

To me it represents a perfect collaboration between a writer and an artist

What initially struck me about the painting were the rainbow colours. Not only did they convey the mixture of summer and winter, but the intense feeling in the picture reflected density and strangeness of the wood that my characters were walking through. I love the energy that comes off this painting and the fluid, almost liquid dynamic that comes across. To me it represents a perfect collaboration between a writer and an artist; a meeting of image and words.
Freya P.


Illustrating for Freya Pickard
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Last year, author Freya Pickard and I had another collaboration. She wanted me to create a series of illustrations for her newsletter and Pure Haiku for 2022. The first one was a volcano for Pure Haiku. She wanted the left side to be grassy, with flowers blooming and a dormant volcano, while the right side is a dark sky and lava pouring from an erupted volcano. I lightly sketched the elements and created a dividing line. I used watercolor to … Read More

My Experience of Sketching with Noodler’s Ahab Fountain Pen
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I have always wanted to sketch using a fountain pen. Searching for the best fountain pen is personal and unique to the users’ needs. I like the flexible nib since I can create thick and lines like using a calligraphy pen. In this video, I shared a review of the Noodler’s Ahab fountain pen, how to refill ink, what ink you can use, how long the ink dries depending on the type of paper you use, mark-making, sketching, and the … Read More

Making Lavender Prints and Cards
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I got a bunch of fresh lavender flowers at the grocery store. They are my absolute favorite flowers. I’m not sure what to do with it except to savor the lovely scent and make some art. I enjoyed slow sketching and looking at the little details, done on a small handbound sketchbook made from watercolor paper.   Then, of course, I had to do some printmaking. I decided to make some prints by drawing the lavender, transferring it on a … Read More

Monoprint with Reusable Items
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I’ve been interested in printmaking lately, mainly because I’m taking my Master’s, and one of the studio electives I’ve chosen is Printmaking. I like its unpredictability, and it encourages me to think outside of the box. Monoprint is a form of printmaking where you can create only one print from your design. In the first video, I show you how to create a monoprint using the lining from a bag of chips.   In the second video, I show you … Read More

Intaglio Drypoint Print Using Tetra Pak
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I’ve been curious about intaglio, and when I saw Intaglio Printing Without a Press: Tetra Pak Collagraph by Handprinted, I just had to try it.   According to Handprinted, “Drypoint is an intaglio printmaking method that involves scratching an image into a plate with a pointed tool. These lines create a burr that holds ink that reveals the drawing. It is the opposite of relief printmaking as it is the sunken areas of the plate that print rather than the … Read More

Slippery Chameleon
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Author Freya Pickard is working on another story called Arturina. She wanted a picture to portray a space opera. Like the previous collaboration, she gave me free rein to draw whatever that inspires me from her collections of Pinterest images. I chose the chameleon because its skin looks interesting to paint! Freya said that the chameleon in her story is a slippery one because it changes its shape a lot and he cannot remember his original form! He is both … Read More