Pick Up Your Pen and Paints Again

Online Classes

Sketch Your Life: Create Expressive Sketches in Pen and Watercolor

If you are a hesitant beginner artist who is frustrated with sketching and painting in watercolor and feels the lack of support on how to begin, this class will help you learn how to see and observe with your eyes, to record what you see by sketching loosely in pen, and to paint expressively in watercolor. This class is for everyone young and old alike. The goal is to be able to express oneself by capturing the life around us through quick sketches and paints. 

Daydreaming Lady in pen and watercolor by Ann M.

“I love this class! She gives enough details to know what to do but she doesn’t do too much where you are afraid of doing the wrong thing. As a beginner, this is the kind of tutorial I love and need.” –Annie Moretta

“Very instructive class teaching all the basics to start with pen and watercolour sketching. Elisa is very knowledgeable and she shows how to sketch everyday objects and scenes. The videos are of high quality and a pleasure to watch. Elisa is very responsive and gives constructive criticism and feedback on all class projects. Highly recommended!” –Sylvia S.

“Fantastic class! the instructor was very thorough, but thoughtful about what to show in her class. i especially like the color chart. makes mixing much less scary, and more approachable. well done!” –Kelly Low

Sketch Your Life 2: Infuse Your Art with Creativity and Imagination

Following the first Sketch Your Life, this second class inspires you to make your artworks engaging and personal to who you are as an artist. You will be exploring the techniques in this class using your creativity, imagination and artistic style. You will learn more tips on sketching from life, warm and cool colors, how to loosen up with initial washes and add interesting effects and textures.This class is for everyone who wants to discover interesting ways in making artworks that matters.

nahima machaado SYL 2 student work

sketch and painting by Nahima M.

“Oh this is such an inspirational class! Thank you Elisa for making the second class of “Sketch your life”! I really enjoyed the first one and I sure did enjoyed this one and learned new techniques too. Highly recommended!” –Mariya Popandopulo

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