Healing Classroom Challenge

Healing Classroom Challenge

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It is fruitful to involve young children in making art for a cause. I am thankful to have known Student Rebuild through an art website and from then on I never skip on any of their challenges. To participate in the Healing Classroom Challenge, make and mail in a pinwheel. For each pinwheel you make and mail in, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2—up to $400,000—to the International Rescue Committee’s Healing Classrooms program to help Syrian children from conflict areas recover from crisis and grow into happy and healthy adults.

The kids had so much fun creating their pinwheels. They were inspired to make a difference in the lives of other children. They want them to feel happy and experience what it’s like to be kids. Thankful for this open door and continuously praying for Student Rebuild to bear much fruit in their work to improve the lives of Syrian children.


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