Paris Je T’aime Angel

I have finally received the Craft Exchange gift from my Crafter Dominika Bozic!

Paris je t’aime Angel

Paris je t'aime Angel painting

She accompanied the painting with a lovely warm letter. This beautiful angel with my favorite Eiffel tower is painted on canvas so that I can frame it anytime. I don’t know how long I have stared at this painting but it was quite long! I love the details and the bright colors used. This painting evokes my childhood moments and definitely brings a huge smile on my lips.

I will treasure this painting. I am thankful that it has arrived safely and unscathed after the heavy monsoon rain that has hit our country badly :’c. And I thank my Dad for going to the post office for me.

Dominika, thank you. See you at your page and blog! :->

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  1. Dera Lis! Thank you for your lovely post, I’m so happy it has finally arrived and that you like it :) Hope your family and you are ok after that monsoon rain, I heard about it on tv. Big kiss! Dominika

  2. It is so cute :)

  3. so cuute like me right? ;p

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