14: Hello Ginger

14: Hello Ginger

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14 Hello Ginger

March might be a month of painting still life for me. While I was pondering on what to paint next I suddenly thought of ginger. Half of me says it’s not fun to paint this since it’s not that pretty. But another part of me says to explore different subjects and learn from it. I set a simple still life of the ginger on a tissue paper.

This painting is all about layering colors. I didn’t wait for the colors to dry but just layer in colors and allow them to mix on paper. I paint in Yellow Ochre for a light value and use Burnt Sienna with a hint of Cobalt Blue for the shadow side. I also introduced Burnt Umber on areas that needed a bit of dull.  I use dry brush technique to paint the small fiber like hair on the face of the ginger. The dark lines are a mix of either Burnt Umber or Sienna with Cobalt Blue.

I am encouraged by the painting result today. I prefer to learn on my own pace and space to discover for myself the gem of painting in watercolor. Painting from life has enabled me to enjoy even the subtle changes of color. I think it is better than referencing from photographs. I thank the Lord for guiding me in today’s work.

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