22: Half Squash

22: Half Squash

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I felt the need to paint the squash that I’ve photographed a few days ago. Last month’s theme was still life but I wasn’t satisfied with the few objects that I’ve managed to paint. Hopefully this April I will be able to set up more things and learn by doing.

I realized that when I begin to understand how everything I see are colors in disguise, identifying the hue, value and intensity of colors become second nature. I can never truly say that the color of a squash’s insides is yellow orange. Some part of it when touched by the light can brighten the color into a lighter version of it or even change it to yellow green (reflected color). When hidden from the light source it might dull the yellow orange and turn it into a hue of brown or some earthy color. There is a lot of layering and testing of paints before arriving at the right hue. And even then I might get a bit carried away and therefore slow and steady is the way to go.

Squash accompanies the chicken curry every Friday. Mom includes the seeds and all except the green outer layer. It’s healthier compared to the typical potato combo. :)

22 Half Squash

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