(New Online Class) Sketch Your Life 2

(New Online Class) Sketch Your Life 2

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Creativity is such an important aspect in making art–a precious ingredient in making our artworks unique and personal to who we are as an artist. Honestly, creativity is something that I have struggled (a lot!) because of a variety of reasons like criticism and comparison. Nourishing my creativity back to life is a work in progress and I am thankful for each moment that I am given to create for the glory of God.

When I see my younger students struggling with ideas, having a hard time making creative choices (even as simple as colors!) or feeling stuck because of pressure, I knew that their creativity is slowly dying. I cannot control the external factors that affect their creativity but I can nourish it back to life by supporting and encouraging them. This has been my inspiration as I worked on the second class–exploring creative ways to make art that is personal and engaging to who you are as an artist.

After two months of hard work, Sketch Your Life 2 is now live. I am so so grateful to God for making all of these possible–my creative husband (JA) for doing all the video recording and most of the editing; resources; support from loved ones, Skillshare community and past Sketch Your Life students; and of course the skills that God has so generously given us to help others. This class is all about exploring the techniques using your creativity, imagination and artistic style. There are so many possibilities in making our artworks creative and it’s all about stepping out and doing, trying, experimenting. Remember once when you were a child? :)

To know more about Sketch Your Life 2 and to enroll, please go here.

Note: All new Skillshare students who enroll will receive 3 months of Skillshare Premium Membership for just $0.99. That means you get to access thousands of classes that suit your interest and learn something new you can apply in your creative life.


Here’s a little trailer put together by JA. I can’t wait to see you in class!


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Sketch Your Life Wherever You Are!

A free ebook that helps you create expressive sketches of your life in pen and watercolor.

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