Why Sketching Your Life is Good for You

Why Sketching Your Life is Good for You

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lady eating in ink and sketchbook

“Lady Eating” ink on sketchbook

Taking photos is something that I would instinctively do whenever I see something that captures my attention. Maybe because it’s faster than sketching and I can easily move on to whatever I need to do or go next. However, if I carve out a time, I can grab a sketchbook and pen to savor the moment more.

If you haven’t tried sketching your life before, I wish to encourage you that it is good for you because…

  • it enables you to slow down amidst the hustle and bustle of life.
  • it helps you to notice something you haven’t seen before even if you pass by it often.
  • it trains your observation muscles to see with an artist eye (i.e color changes due to light and shadow).
  • it hones your sketching skills, enabling you to express in various techniques.
  • it helps you appreciate life and savor the beauty of this world.
  • it connects you with people (especially when you sketch outside!) and inspire them with your story.
  • it nourishes your creativity and imagination and art practice.
  • it encourages you to not fear imperfection or mistakes (and gives you confidence!) especially if you sketch using a pen or non-erasable materials.
  • it develops your own personal style as an artist.
  • it helps you stay committed to the process (of sketching and learning) rather than worry about the aesthetic of the outcome.
  • it gives you a reason to fill your sketchbooks and use your art materials!
  • it is FUN and RELAXING!

Have I convinced you enough? I hope so! :) Now here’s a challenge for you: Sketch one thing, place, person, animal, anything (!) wherever you are today until this weekend (along with a short sentence about your sketches) then send it to me (lis@harmonythoughts.com). I will feature your sketches here in the blog next week so we can all enjoy and inspire one another. Come join! :)


PS* In response to my email/blogpost last week, artist, Joellen Kemper shared what she calls an unusual story about her creative life and how she continues to nourish her creativity. I hope her story inspires you as much as it did to me!

Most artists grow up drawing, painting, etc. While my parents said I was artistic when I was younger (I think they might have been biased because I don’t ever remember Lol), I actually stopped taking art after 7th grade. My teacher wasn’t very nice or encouraging, and I didn’t want to be in her class the following year. It was a bad experience and I really had no desire to draw or paint following that. 

Looking back, I always had a deep desire to be some sort of artist. Taking dance classes, playing my flute, and sewing clothes. I never once considered myself the least bit creative though. I studied math and science in college and so I entered the medical/research field. It has been alright, but I have always felt like I was still searching for my niche. 

Three years ago, my mom asked me to take a quilting class with her. I was reluctant (thinking, isn’t quilting for grandmas?). Well, I had to bite my own tongue because I fell completely in love and that was the start of an artist’s journey for me. I loved playing with color and pattern and getting lost in a project. 

Then, last year, I felt myself getting frustrated with this feeling that I wanted to be an artist, but I wasn’t sure in what way. My faith in God grew immensely that year. It was confusing and depressing at times because I wanted to get some sort of direction.  God worked with me and I had some humbling that needed to be done before He would truly let me see. 

This past March, I was honest with myself- if I had no fears, no inhibitions, if I could do ANYTHING- I would be a surface pattern designer, primarily designing fabrics for home sewers. It was so scary to be that honest with myself though. I hadn’t really drawn since that 7th grade art class and had no idea where to start. 

Since March, I have been drawing/painting/learning adobe illustrator. I try to develop my style. Your Skillshare class was so, so, so helpful for me. I watched it at a low point when I felt like I was really struggling drawing. This past month, I just finished up my very first workshop in Surface pattern design, in which I created my first patterns! Now I am hooked!! I know this is what I want to do and to share it with others. 

I still have a long way to go. I’m still insecure when it comes to my initial sketches for a design- sometimes I feel like I don’t even deserve to do this. But deep down I really feel like this is something that God has given me a desire for and any “success” that I might have one day will be all for His glory. So I’m taking more classes, learning, and practicing :)

More about Joellen Kemper:
Instagram: jokemper
Website: sewilluminated.com


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4 Responses

  1. Sal Scheibe

    I agree! Sketching your life is a very fun thing to do! What a super post with helpful tips :)

  2. Alicia Araya

    there was a year I spent sketching everything, it really was wonderful

    i would take it up again but i fear i spend too much time on the computer lately

    somehow the lady you sketched reminds me of what i look like! LOL

  3. Joellen Kemper

    Thanks for sharing my story :) you are so sweet!

  4. Elisa Choi Ang

    You are welcome Joellen! :)

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