Painting Daily Day 24

Painting Daily Day 24

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painting daily day 24

“Brushes and Watercolor Paints” in watercolor

In my life as an Artist I have learned that there are two kinds of struggle.
Happy struggle and sad struggle.
Both struggles experience difficulty, suffering, hurt– all the bad stuffs.
But the happy struggle chooses to turn all the bad stuffs into good stuffs. It turns it into a learning. A blessing. A point to start over. Refreshed. A chance to make it up on lost time.
Meanwhile the sad struggle chooses to sink deeper with all the negative things. It wants to wallow in self-pity, blame, the feeling of not being good enough… all that.

I’ve been in both the happy and sad struggles.
It’s always a choice on which boat I would hop on and ride.
But everyday I choose love to fill my heart.
So that I have nothing else but to give love.
To myself. To my dream. To others.

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